María Patiño, holding back tears, defends her team after José Antonio Avilés’ dirty play

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María Patiño has exploded in the live of ‘Sálvame’ after José Antonio Avilés has tried to deceive both her and the ‘Socialité’ team with false images of Isabel Pantoja on the beach

María Patiño has exploded beautifully on her first day in ‘Sálvame’ after the holidays.The presenter has already resumed the routine and has done so by putting the dots on the i’s of José Antonio Avilés after he tried to deceive the entire ‘Socialité’ team. The journalist has boasted throughout the weekend of having obtained some images of Isabel Pantoja on a well-known beach in Conil de la Frontera. Some snapshots that seemed to indicate that the tonadillera is determined to recover her life and free her from Cantora. However, in full direct, Avilés’ lie has been uncovered and it has been confirmed that the photographs are false and that she is only a woman who has a great physical resemblance to the artist. Patiño, without thinking twice, was upset when he saw that the collaborator had tried to deceive his entire team and couldn’t resist telling him four things. “First I want to apologize to all the viewers. He doesn’t thank me, I know how My director at ‘Socialité’ got up this morning, I know how José Antonio Avilés works and builds false evidence”, María Patiño began, angrily with José Antonio Avilés. “You are not a person who They sneak in. You’re going to shut your mouth right now, I’m going to speak. It’s a serious enough issue for this scoundrel to come play with the work of those of us who work all day. I apologize for our lack of professionalism as the presenter of the program in the face of the false evidence of this man whom I have blocked and I know how he reaches people. I don’t feel like playing with the work of a team. In ‘Socialité’ they work with media that do not have other programs and it is difficult for them life to fill a program of an hour and a half so that a person comes to laugh at them”, María Patiño has continued in the most forceful way.María Patiño explodes against José Antonio Avilés in full live of ‘Sálvame’. Telecinco