Canales Rivera, very uncomfortable, tells how his recovery is going: "it hurts horribly"

Save me José Antonio Canales Rivera

José Antonio Canales Rivera has connected with ‘Sálvame’ to give the last hour of his state of health after the serious seizure he suffered just a few days ago

Last Friday, José Antonio Canales Rivera had a good scare when he was caught in the bullring that his companions from ‘Sálvame’ found out live. The bullfighter was taken to the hospital and fortunately he was released a few days later. Now he has reappeared in ‘Save me’ to chat with his colleagues via video call and to reassure him about his health status. Of course, Canales Rivera has commented that “it hurts me horribly”. But at least he has commented that “everything is going well and I hope and trust, After what I am going through, let it only remain an anecdote”.On the damage to the scrotal area, which is where he suffered the fuck, José Antonio Canales Rivera has told that “it is the fourth time that I suffer a goring in the scrotal area”. And when María Patiño asked him if this affects his day-to-day issues, he commented that it is still early to know.José Antonio Canales Rivera during his connection with ‘Sálvame’. Telecinco José Antonio Canales Rivera has taken advantage of his intervention in ‘Sálvame’ to thank all those who have worried about him, including his colleagues. And he has also mentioned Cayetano and Kiko Rivera. The collaborator has assured that his cousins They were two of the first to worry about him when they found out, sending him messages and asking about his health.And there has also been a special mention for his girlfriend Isabel, who has not separated from him at the moment. Jose Antonio Canals Rivera He has said of her that “she is the first goring that lives with me and she has lived up to it. I think it would be impossible to have a better nurse in my life”. In this way he has made a declaration of love to the woman with whom he has given himself a second chance and who has become his greatest support at the moment.