“Bad Mother” Confirms Ra Mi Ran and Lee Do Hyun

Just at the end of July it was reported that Ra Mi Ran had received an offer for the drama «Bad Mother“, it was later reported that Lee Do-hyun would join her and today we know that the two actors have been confirmed and in fact the script reading was held with both stars. «Bad Mother» is a healing comedy-drama that will revolve around Young Soon, a mother who had no choice but to become a bad mother to her son Kang Ho who was a prosecutor who one day lost his memory and became a fool. The two plan to bring fun and excitement through unique hat chemistry. In particular, expectations are high about what kind of synergy they will show with Ra Mi Rana master of comedic acting, and Lee Do-hyun, who has become a popular actor and his ability to portray emotional characters has drawn attention. They will be joined Ahn Eun Jin, Yoon In Soo, Kim Won Hae Y Seo Yi Sook to round out a strong lineup of actors. Filming will begin soon with the goal of airing in 2023. If Lee Do-hyun He will play Kang Ho, the son who became a prosecutor as his mother wished. But one day, he loses his memory and turns into a boy. He will paint the moving love story of mother and son with Ra Mi Ran who was chosen to play the mother named Young Soon.

Lee Do Hyun and Im Soo Jung in “Melancholia” For his part, Ra Mi Ran who has a very busy year 2022 with several productions to film and promote, will play Young Soon, the mother of Kang Ho, a woman who has lived to make her son a successful man.

Ra Mi Ran in tvN’s “Black Dog” Upcoming Series To Be Directed By PD Shim Na YeonBeyond Evil ” Y “18 Moments «). The script will be written by Bae-se-young (Films: “Extreme Job” Y ” Stellar: A Magical Ride «). The series will be produced by SLL and Film Monster. Zapzee Credits

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