Maite Galdeano is honest about her will: "I did it when I was 38 years old"

Exclusive Maite Galdeano

Maite Galdeano, in the interview she gave exclusively to ‘Readings’, talked about how at 38 years old and after the diagnosis of her illness, she quickly went to make her will

Maite Galdeano has spoken like never before for our magazine about his blood cancer. Sofía Suescun’s mother has been honest exclusively for our pages and has told us several questions related to this topic that, inevitably, has marked her life. Among them, how she told her daughter about her illness, how she has coped with it over the years or how this meant to make the decision to make his will. Maite Galdeano has spoken to us with total sincerity about the latter and about how she made the decision. Maite Galdeano has told us that she believes that there is life after death and that death is not scary for her. She has been as a result of this when she has remembered that she “somehow, I have always thought about death, and when I was diagnosed with this at the age of 38, the doctors told me: “it seems that you are not aware of what you have, that this is a fatal disease And we don’t know if you’re going to die.” It was at that moment when “I got in touch with my energies, my spirits, and I have become super that way of thinking about the afterlife… I am not afraid of death.” And it was at that very moment when “I ran to a notary to make a will, At 38 years old!, because they told me it was mortal”.GTRES So for years Maite Galdeano he has his will well tied up. Since he was aware of the consequences that his illness could have, he did not hesitate to go to the notary’s office so as not to leave anything to chance in case that happened. In this way she fears that moment even less because according to her she is not afraid at all since “The truth is that I am ready to go to the afterlife at any time.”