Camilo Blanes, again, sets off the alarms due to his delicate state of health

the health of Camilo Blanes has set off the alarms again. A helicopter from SUMA, the Madrid emergency service, landed in the garden of the Torrelodones chalet, where Camilo Sesto lived and where his son now lives. As reported by the program ‘It’s already summer’, members of the SUMA were treating Camilo Blanes urgently and were stabilizing him after he did not want to go to the hospital. At the time of writing this information, Camilo Blanes had not yet been transferred to hospital, but the transfer was expected to take place as soon as possible. The day before, Camilo Blanes was already unwell, but he refused to see a doctor, as well as to be transferred to a hospital so that he could be treated directly there. It is not the first time that Camilo Blanes has had to be admitted by his health problems derived from the addictions of which his mother, the Mexican Lourdes Ornelas, has spoken openly on television and in different media. For now this time she has not commented on this new pothole that her son would be going through. There are several occasions in which Camilo Sesto’s son has had to be treated by doctors and has even had income that has lasted many days. One of the longest health setbacks came on November 25, when Camilo Blanes was admitted to the ICU of the Puerta de Hierro University Hospital in Madrid, struggling between life and death for a few days. Almost two months later, his favorable evolution allowed him to leave the ICU and be transferred to the ward. On February 2 of this year he was discharged and returned homeapparently recovered.