Shin Seung Ho, his Experience in «Alchemy of Souls»

In a recent interview, the actor Shin Seung Ho spoke about his thoughts on “Alchemy of Souls” , where the actor played the role of Crown Prince Go Won. Even though Crown Prince Go Won has many sullen qualities, Shin Seung Ho admitted, to the surprise of many, that of all the roles he has tried out so far, Crown Prince Go Won is the closest to his royal personality. Cheerful, grumpy, optimistic and pretentious, were all the words that Shin Seung Ho he applied both to his character and to himself.

The life story of Shin Seung Ho has something to do with this arrangement. The twenty-six-year-old actor talked about how he had spent eleven years of his life working as a footballer. Shin Seung Ho he said that he gave up this life when he realized that he was not happy doing it. At the same time, however, he claims to have no regrets about spending much of his life dedicated to football. Shin Seung Ho he considers that this life experience is fundamental for the formation of his character.

Shin Seung Ho he emphasized the importance of challenges to this perspective, urging people who are afraid of challenges not to have that attitude. For Shin Seung Ho Even failure in the face of a challenge helps develop a person’s willpower. Shin Seung Ho stated that even if it is not the dream of achievement a person is seeking, they will still gain something from the process. so you see Shin Seung Ho his past career as a footballer. The bromance between the characters of Lee Jae Wook (Jang Uk) and Shin Seungho (Prince Go Won). The expressed metaphor is quite similar to that of the independent film “Double Patties” of 2020 where Shin Seung Ho co-starred with Irene from Red Velvet. Shin Seung Ho made his acting debut in the web drama «A-TEEN» of 2018. The first part of «Alchemy of Souls» ended on August 28 with ratings of 9.218% for its 20th episode. The historical fantasy drama will return for part two with another ten episodes sometime in December. Hancinema Credits

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