Everything that dies is reborn. Trailer for ‘The Gypsy Bride’

ATRESplayer Premium presents the official trailer for ‘The Gypsy Bride’, a television adaptation of the novel by Carmen Mola that will premiere on the platform starting next Sunday, September 25, at the rate of one episode each week. Nerea Barros (‘The minimum island’, ‘The island of lies’) leads the cast of her giving life to Elena Blanco, a veteran homicide inspector from the BAC (Brigade for Case Analysis). An intelligent woman obsessed with solving her own horror and who, in the pain of the Macaya family, parents of two young women murdered 6 years apart, she sees herself sadly reflected. She and her team will be in charge of looking for the person responsible for a macabre ritual. The cast of the series is completed by Daro Grandinetti (Miguel Vistas), Ignacio Montes (Zrate), Mona Martnez (Mariajo), Luca Martn Abello (Chesca), Vicente Romero (Orduo), Francesc Garrido (Buenda), Gins Garca Milln (Rentero ), Mónica Estarreado (Sonia), Moreno Borja (Moiss), Lola Casamayor (Ascension), Miguel Angel Sol (Salvador), Carlos Cabra (El Capi), Zaira Romero (Susana Macaya), Daniel Ibez (Caracas), Miguel Hermoso ( Masegosa), Cecilia Gmez (Cintia), Emilio Palacios (Ral), Oscar de la Fuente (Jaregui) or Manel Sans (Lusson), among others. This Diagonal TV (Banijay Iberia) and ViacomCBS Networks International (VIS) production has a total of eight episodes, each lasting 50 minutes, all of them directed by Paco Cabezas (‘Adis’, ‘Penny Dreadful: City of Angels’). Cabezas himself is one of its executive producers along with Jordi Frades, Laura Abril, Sebastián Vibes, Mara Cervera, Cristina Alcelay, Jaume Banacolocha, Albert Sagals and Montse García. The script is coordinated by José Rodríguez and Antonio Mercero, who are also in charge of writing the series together with Jorge Díaz and Susana Martn Gijn. The production direction is in charge of Laura García, while Andreu Adam is the Director of Photography and Guillermo Spoltore the Art Director. For its part, the music is provided by Zeltia Montes. ‘The Gypsy Bride’ (2018) is the first volume of a trilogy that has reached more than 600,000 readers. Written by Jorge Díaz, Agustán Martínez and Antonio Mercero under the pseudonym Carmen Mola, it is the first installment of a trilogy completed by ‘La red prpura’ (2019) and ‘La nena’ (2020).

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