Eugenia Osborne and her ex-husband Juan Melgarejo are reunited by surprise after their separation

Ex-husband Eugenia Osborne

Eugenia Osborne and Juan Melgarejo have seen each other in ‘Entretelas’, Ana Cristina Portillo’s first exhibition, and have demonstrated the special relationship they continue to have despite being separated since July 2021

After almost fourteen years of love, affection and three children, Juan and I have decided, by mutual agreement, to make the decision to end our marriage.. Our paths have taken different directions, without there being a specific reason. I thank and ask for respect for our privacy and that of our children. These will be the only words that I will formulate regarding this new situation in our lives”… So determined, Eugenia Osborne announced her separation from Juan Manuel Melgarejo in July 2021. After more than a decade together and after having formed a beautiful family together with Juan, Sandra and Tristán, the daughter of Bertín Osborne and the businessman began their lives separately… And months later They have starred in an unexpected reunion in which they have shown the affection they have had and will continue to have.But how has it come about? Ana Cristina Portillo, daughter of Sandra Domecq, ex-wife of Bertín Osborne, and businessman Fernando Portillo, has presented her fabric exhibition in Madrid and her sisters did not want to miss this special event. Nevertheless, Eugenia Osborne and Juan Manuel Melgarejo gave us the moment of the day.The ex-partner has met again by surprise at the exhibition, which will be available until September 17 in Madrid, and they have not stopped exchanging confidences and gestures of complicity. Despite the fact that his love story ended more than a year ago, the businessman continues to maintain a wonderful relationship with his ex-wife and with what was his in-laws and, as if that were not enough, the businessman has also had a talk about what more relaxed with Santiago Camacho, partner of Ana Cristina Portillo.Eugenia Osborne is reunited by surprise with Juan Manuel Melgarejo, her ex-husband. Gtres Despite the illusion that she makes her see again the man with whom she has been 14 years of her life, Eugenia seems to has returned to recover the illusion next to Miguel Barreiroa university professor with whom she was photographed in an affectionate attitude through the streets of Madrid.