Anabel Pantoja shares her most special photo album with her father on a very special day

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Taking advantage of Bernardo’s birthday, Anabel Pantoja has touched her followers again by making public the family images that bring her the best memories

Anabel Pantoja has become one of the characters of the summer. Her time in ‘Survivors 2022’ and her romance with Yulen Pereira have been two of the most talked about topics in recent weeks… But, unfortunately, the new blip in health that has taken her father back to the hospital keeps her on alert every day. The tonadillera’s niece has left the Canary Islands for a while to settle in Seville and take care of Bernardo in everything she needs. There is not a day that Anabel does not make an appearance at the health center. Nevertheless, her father’s birthday just two days ago has caused the young woman to open her secret family album.Anabel Pantoja has once again made use of her social networks to share her favorite childhood images. The influencer has shown that she goes out of her way for her father and, although she has caught her birthday, admitted her, she has done everything possible to make it as pleasant as possible. Black and white snapshots of when she was little that give off an air of magic. Kiko Rivera’s cousin has melted with these poses that bring back so many good memories.Bernardo and Anabel Pantoja when she was little. Instagram @anabelpantoja00 In addition, a candle and a delicious bun was enough for Bernardo to burst out laughing. Anabel Pantoja has turned to her father on this important day and she has not hesitated to be by her side celebrating it. Yulen, for her part, after solving everything related to his future as an elite athlete, has traveled to Seville to meet his girl. Both the fencer and the collaborator have shown that their relationship is going from strength to strength and they have not stopped sharing the funniest plans with their intimate circle of friends, such as Alejandro Nieto and Tania Medina, who are enjoying the charms of Seville.anabel pantojaAnabel Pantoja celebrates her father’s birthday at the hospital. Instagram @anabelpantoja00