SBS’s “Trolley” with Park Hee Soon, First Teaser and Premiere

Last March the production of the new SBS drama «Trolley“, confirmed to Park Hee-soon Y Kim HyunJoo in the leading roles, they were later joined Kim Moo-yeol Y Jung Soo Bin. Now we know that ‘trolley’is a story about the wife of a member of the National Assembly who lived quietly while hiding the past, as well as the dilemmas and choices the couple faces as their secrets are revealed to the world.

Park Hee-soon He will play Jung Do in the drama, who is an up-and-coming member of the National Assembly who has been re-elected to a representative position through proportional voting for the sole purpose of making the world a better place. One day, due to an unexpected incident, his wife’s secret that he didn’t know is revealed to the world, and his peaceful life is thrown into a whirlwind.

Park Hee-soon in “My Name”

Kim HyunJoo She will play the role of Hye Joo, the wife of a re-elected member of the National Assembly, she runs a book repair shop. But she hides a secret, that not even Joong Do knows. Hye Joo wants a peaceful and normal life. Although her husband is a politician, Hye Joo never sought publicity or appeared in the media. One day, due to an unexpected incident, Hye Joo’s past is revealed and her peaceful life is shattered.

Kim Hyun Joo in “Hellbound””Trolley‘, that will air for the first time in December, released a special sneak peek hinting at the foreshadowing of cracks penetrating daily life. The released special teaser video announces a mysterious ‘accident’ that suddenly hit Kim Hye Joo (Kim HyunJoo) and Nam Jung Do ( Park Hee-soon ). From Kim Hye Joo, who spews anger in front of the camera, to Nam Jung Do, who has her golden badge, what is the secret that rocked this supremely peaceful and happy couple? “There are things that no one imagines will happen. Something that nobody intended, but sometimes things happen«. Kim Hye Joo’s monologue, “We called it an ‘accident’ which is also significant.” Here, the secret atmosphere of Jang Woo Jae (Kim Mu-yeol) driving in the rain and Kim Soo Bin (Jung Soobin) Looking out the window amplifies the mystery and ignites the anticipation. ‘Trolley‘ is written by bori ryūwho created a delicate emotional line with ‘Do You Like Brahms?‘ The genres are mystery and melodrama and it is announced with 16 episodes. The direction is in charge of the PD Kim Moon Kyo of whom I did not find any other project under his charge. Pinkvilla Credits

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