Ana María Aldón, to the limit, acknowledges her disappointment with Ortega Cano: "goes beyond"

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Ana María Aldón has remained firm in her position and one more afternoon she has put the dots on the i’s on the family conflict, and for this she has not hesitated to make the occasional reproach to Ortega Cano

One more afternoon, Ana María Aldón has become the great protagonist of ‘It’s already summer’. The week has been very busy after the tense call that he starred in with Ortega Cano and after the interview that her daughter Gema Aldón gave exclusively to our magazine to defend her mother from the bullfighter’s family. This afternoon, the designer has reappeared after all this and once again has shown that she no longer keeps quiet about anything. In fact, the reproaches to the one who is still her husband despite the rumors of rupture that surround them, have not been lacking. Ana María Aldón has commented that “During the week there has been more cordiality and that, but that, cordiality. We talk about what needs to be talked about, if I put this on you, do you want salt, do you want pepper… The normal thing in a coexistence. There is cordiality and not falsehood”. But far from this signifying a reconciliation, she has commented that “We do it for the child and we always do it. This situation cannot be extended much in time but now it is what it is and it must be respected ”. From there, he has remembered some of the things of the last few days that he has not liked at all.Ana María Aldón, fed up with the family situation. Telecinco Ana María Aldón has gone back to the call that Ortega Cano made to ‘It’s already summer’ last weekend and has commented that “I don’t forget when she said “if she says that everything is fine, it’s not true, everything is not fine”, are some words that I haven’t been able to get out of my head these days. And I have looked to see if I said that everything is fine. And no, I haven’t found it. Also at the time you say I could have slipped, it bothered me. And it’s not just what could have hurt me. It goes further.”Ana Maria AldonAna María Aldón, fed up with the situation. Telecinco The designer has emphasized this afternoon that she no longer wants to endure more situations like the ones she has endured so far. “There are more people and they are things that are not going to happen again because I do not want to”, she has said firmly. And she has made another reproach to Ortega Cano. It has gone back to when the bullfighter referred last year to a medication that the designer was taking due to her depression. Some comments that she already recognized that bothered her because they were not quite like that. “What he said last year that can have two readings. One that you don’t know anything about me even if it’s your wife and another that you’re hurting me”, she commented, still annoyed with this.When from the program they have asked if they are not willing to go to therapy to solve the conflicts of their marriage, Ana María has answered that “we don’t fit 18 in therapy”. In this way, she has once again referred to the fact that, according to her, her marriage is not a matter of two and this is what is really affecting them.