Ana Obregón, very worried, turns to her father after her latest health scare

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Ana Obregón has had to cancel several professional commitments to be by her father’s side. Antonio García, 96, faces a new health bump with the unconditional help of his daughter

Ana Obregón goes through a critical personal moment again. After the death of her son and her mother just a year apart, now the presenter is 100% devoted to her father. At 96 years old, Antonio Garcia faces a new blip in health for which Alessandro Lequio’s ex has had to cancel a multitude of professional projects. Ana Obregón feels true devotion to her father and when 28 months have passed since the death of her son Aless, the actress has not hesitated to take care of her father due to the last scare she has suffered. Antonio García’s health has worried his entire family since the beginning of 2022 when he contracted coronavirus. Although everything seems to indicate that he had come back and that he only suffered from the typical ailments of her age, the reality is that Ana is very worried and, as her representative has assured, has not been able to meet its commitments.Last Wednesday, September 14, Ana Obregón had to finish filming the film in which she is the protagonist, ‘My other Jon’ by Paco Arango. Unfortunately, had to cancel this appointment and the party that was going to be held that same day after finishing the recordings. Much to her regret, she was also unable to make an appearance at the event commemorating the 17th anniversary of the Fundación Aladina, an entity that aims to help children and adolescents with cancer and their families and with which Ana frequently collaborates. .Although it is not known for sure what has happened, there is no doubt that Ana is being Antonio’s most important support and there are many moments of complicity that they have experienced during this summer: “I am taking advantage of you these days Dad, I can’t stop kissing and snuggling you. A little wild of me, my presence with almost no makeup and no hair done. But with a lot of love. AAlthough I know that inside you infinitely miss the love of your life and I miss mine, we don’t say anything to each other. We just hugged looking at that Mediterranean sea that one day made us so happy“Ana wrote last June along with some tender images.