The new technology for the production of hydrogen will solve the problems with the availability of natural gas

Australian scientists have developed a technology that allows the production of hydrogen directly from the air. This will make it much easier to obtain this gas, which is considered the fuel of the future, and will allow it to replace the natural gas that is currently lacking. In some parts of the world, bans on the sale of cars with internal combustion engines will come into force in a few years and only electric vehicles will remain. It is hard to say that this is a good solution, because such cars have many disadvantages. They have little to do with ecology, given the need to dispose of used batteries and the method of producing energy to charge them. Not to mention the fact that loading them still takes quite a long time, which reduces their usability. A better idea is to use hydrogen and this technology is used, among others, by Toyota in the Mirai model. The problem is that hydrogen production is quite expensive and requires access to fresh water, which limits its availability. However, Australian researchers have developed a technology that makes it possible to obtain hydrogen in a much easier way.

The new invention will revolutionize hydrogen production

Scientists from the University of Melbourne have created a new system that uses direct air electrolysis (DAE) to produce hydrogen directly from air humidity. The technology captures fresh water from the atmosphere using a hygroscopic electrolyte. And then it uses it to produce hydrogen using solar or wind powered electrolysis. A prototype created by them the DAE module for 12 consecutive days had a stable efficiency of as much as 95 percent. And this without the need to supply him with water.

The technology produces 93 liters of hydrogen per one square meter in one hour. According to the constructors a 10 sq m DAE system would produce enough hydrogen to power an entire home, replacing the natural gas used for cooking and heating. It is therefore able to solve the problem of the shortage of gas supplied by Russia. The technology opens up completely new possibilities for the production of hydrogen, overcoming problems with water supply. It also allows you to produce green gas in a sustainable way, with a minimal impact on the environment. DEAE modules can also be easily scaled to increase its production and deliver hydrogen to remote and scattered areas. Thanks to this solution hydrogen can be produced practically anywhere. Even in the Sahara desert, the air humidity is sufficient for this technology to work. Tests conducted by scientists confirm that it works at 20% humidity. Theoretically, such a system can be placed in a selected place and several panels and fans can be attached to it. And then just take the hydrogen produced.

hydrogen production

So far, we do not know when the technology will go into commercial use, but knowing life, it will not happen too soon. If you would like to thoroughly familiarize yourself with the operation of this solution, all the details about it can be found on this page. Source