The repair costs of Apple Watch Ultra may surprise you unpleasantly

The Apple Watch Ultra presented a few days ago is an extremely expensive gadget to service. The cost of its repair exceeds 60 percent of the original price. Last week, Apple presented its latest Apple Watch Ultra smartwatch, equipped with many modern solutions. As befits a product from the Cupertino company, its price is very high and will amount to PLN 4,799 in Poland, which makes it one of the most expensive smartwatches on the market. The purchase of such a watch, however, does not end the expenses that must be incurred for its use. Consumer electronics break down very often and need to be repaired, and the cost of servicing them technological innovations they can be huge. As you might guess, in the case of a watch from an American manufacturer, repair costs can also be astronomical. If we buy AppleCare +, which costs 75 euros a year, then repairing the watch will cost us 79 dollars. Otherwise, the service costs can hit us pretty well. According to the Apple website, in Europe its the repair will cost 619 euros. Apple just wants to replace the battery on the official website, wants 129 euros. Meanwhile, the European price of the watch is 999 euros, so as it is easy to see service costs will exceed 60 percent of the purchase price of the equipment. As you can see, the repair costs are high, so in the case of such expensive equipment, it is probably worth buying an extended manufacturer’s warranty. A lot of money can stay in your pocket. Let me remind you that the watch will be on sale on September 23. If, on the other hand, you do not want such an expensive smartwatch, then on this page you will find a wide selection of models for every budget.