‘Dragonflies’ – Milena & Olivia

‘Liblulas’ is a film less sharp than it pretends to be, like the vast majority of those of its fifth. Luc Knowles’ debut feature is a very aesthetic work in which its refined forms of indie cinema about late 90’s teenagers pummel a background and a content that only acquires “truth” through its two protagonists, Milena Smit and Olivia Smit. Baglivi. Both, fantastic, both together and separately, sustain with their presence, impetus and good storytelling that under their energetic anti-establishment appearance never feels authentic, in a faked reality that ends up seeming as real (and hollow) as a smile on Instagram. which has gone overboard with so many filters. Hollow and plastic transient dynamism. Like that pretty image that he draws attention to first and then, in just a few seconds, be forgotten in favor of a new image. And so, one after another. ‘Liblulas’ lacks that element, plot twist or moment that allows it to stand out among so many others, being, for practical purposes, as volatile as one of those Instagram “Stories”.

By Juan Pairet Iglesias