Nio Air glasses will change our car into a cinema room with a 130-inch screen

Nio presented the new Nio Air glasses with AR technology, which will keep us entertained while driving. They will turn our car into a cinema room, allowing you to watch movies on a 130-inch screen. Driving a car can be very boring, especially if it is a long-distance journey. Of course, the driver has to keep his attention on the road, so he has to keep things busy. However, passengers can get very bored, which is a particular problem for children. Of course, you can take a tablet with you, on which cartoons or movies will be shown, but staring at a 10-inch screen is not very comfortable. How about transforming the interior of the car into a cinema room, equipped with a 130-inch screen? Of course you will think that the vehicle’s cabin is too small for that, but thanks technological innovations everything becomes possible. Specifically, thanks to one novelty, in the form of Nio Air glasses with AR technology, presented by Nio.

Nio Air car cinema

The gadget is designed to provide passengers with entertainment while driving. It does a pretty good job of this assignment, using augmented reality to offer them an experience that only real cinema would normally offer. It provides the impression of watching movies on a 130-inch screen from a distance of 4 meters.

Nio Air

Nio offers a special one for his glasses PanoCinema service, which acts as a car Netflix. It offers 260 movies with Dolby Atmos sound technology, as well as 20 movies in 3D technology. The offer may seem rather poor for now, especially compared to what the aforementioned Netflix provides. However, the company promises that the library will grow over time as new items are added all the time.

Nio Air

Of course, the glasses themselves only provide an image, but PanoCinema can use a car audio system to provide sound. However, this requires the latest NT 2.0 platform, which is only present in the latest car models.

PanoCinema is controlled by a special Air Smart Ring controller, worn on the finger. This device was created in cooperation with engineers from NOLO, a producer of interactive devices for virtual and augmented reality. The controller comes with a capacitive mat that allows you to move and confirm content with your fingers, while the ring allows you to point them on a virtual screen. Interestingly, Nio Air is by no means a project that exists only on the drawing board. Is it is a real product that is already available for purchase, although of course its availability is very limited for the time being. The glasses are currently available in China for PLN 1,586. For now, however, they can only be purchased by owners of earlier models of glasses from this company. However, the manufacturer did not provide the price of the smart ring. Source