Juancho, brother of Ana Obregon: "My father is already resting with my mother and with Aless"

Juancho García Obregón talks about his father after the funeral. Europa Press Although Antonio García Fernández, father of Ana Obregon, was 96 years old and already in very delicate health, the death of a father is never easy to assimilate. For Ana Obregón it has been another very hard blow, since in just 28 months she has lost her son, Aless, her mother, Ana Obregón, and now her father. “In two years you have left me an orphan of parents and son“, wrote a devastated Ana in her social networks. This morning they have celebrated the funeral for the soul of Antonio García Fernández. His five children have been there, Juancho, Ana, Celia, Amalia and Javier, and her grandchildren, all united in grief for such a great loss. The coffin was covered by a Spanish flag and, after the religious service, children and grandchildren followed the hearse to the cemetery. The ceremony was very intimate, but some familiar faces were seen at the La Paz funeral home in Madrid. Susana Uribarrimanager and personal friend of Ana Obregón, was accompanied by her mother, the widow of José Luis Uribarri. pigeon lake, mother of Javier García Obregón’s eldest son, also wanted to be present at the last goodbye to his father-in-law. EITHER Nuria Fernandez, a great friend of the family, who accompanied the García Obregón in the duel. At the end of the funeral, Juancho, the eldest of the brothers, wanted to thank the press for the respect shown to the family in these difficult times and addressed some heartfelt words of memory towards the figure of his father. “We believe that you will be enjoying the company of my mother and, of course, Aless… It is our faith and our hope“said Juancho, who confirmed that all the brothers, sons and nephews form a very united family. If you want to hear their statements, do not miss the video.