Lydia Lozano tearfully recounts her imminent and delicate back operation

Celebrities in the hospital Lydia Lozano

The collaborator of ‘Sálvame’, Lydia Lozano, between sobs, has given details of her new health problem for which she will go through the operating room again this Thursday

“I’m on a streak…” Lydia Lozano could not hold back her tears when he told his partner Omar Suárez the reason for his emergency visit to the hospital. The beloved collaborator of ‘Sálvame’ He has to go through the operating room again, again due to health problems derived from a vertebra.The pain is being so intense that it has affected his daily life, to the point of not being able to fulfill his professional obligations. Her colleagues couldn’t be more worried about her, especially because in a matter of a year and a half she had to have surgery, first on her neck and a few months ago on her hand. She herself, between sobs, has recounted the details of the delicate operation and how slow the recovery is presented. On Sunday morning Lydia Lozano verified with alarm that an intense pain prevented her from even getting out of bed. The journalist, who is receiving the care and attention of her husband, Charly, was determined to notify and go quickly to the emergency room. There, after all the tests to rule out scenarios, she confirmed her worst fears: she has to be operated on again.Lydia Lozano tells in tears that she goes through the operating room again Telecinco
This Thursday he goes through the operating room again to undergo surgery on the eighth vertebra, “which has broken” and would have “stuck to the seventh”. Lydia has clarified that this new and painful health inconvenience has nothing to do with the previous intervention she underwent in March 2021, but it does carry a certain risk because she suffers from osteoporosis, a disease that weakens and thins the bones. After After passing the preoperative exams and tests, it will be this Thursday when he returns to the hospital and, after the operation, he will have to stay there, in principle, for two days, until the doctors see that he is progressing favorably and he can continue recovering at home.” the neck, the broken hand, now the back… What a streak, and the operations scare me a lot”, he lamented before the microphone of ‘Save me’. Lydia has also given some details of the rehabilitation process, which she prefers not to think about, because it affects her emotionally. As she explained to Omar Suárez, it will be a slow recovery, which requires her to walk a lot and will force her to wear “a super uncomfortable vest”.