Apple to Distribute Vince Gilligan and Rhea Seehorn’s Next Series

Apple has secured worldwide distribution for the upcoming series from Vince Gilligan, creator of ‘Breaking Bad’ and co-creator (with Peter Gould) of ‘Better Call Saul’. In this way, the apple company has acquired one of the most sought-after and coveted television projects in recent years, imposing itself in a highly competitive situation on practically everyone. For now, no details about the future series have emerged, a drama still without a defined title whose cast will be headed by Rhea Seehorn, the also protagonist of the aforementioned ‘Better Call Saul’. Backed by Sony Pictures Television and High Bridge Productions, a company owned by Gilligan himself, Apple has guaranteed the 55-year-old North American filmmaker the production of at least two seasons, without us knowing for the time being how many episodes each season will consist of nor how many. last each episode. Of course, according to Deadline, it is estimated that the cost per episode could be around 15 million dollars: A significant amount in the case of a drama, although it is still below the more than 20 million per episode of other productions such as the successful ‘The Lord of the rings: The rings of power’ or ‘The house of the Dragon’. The acquisition of this series further confirms Apple’s firm commitment to television fiction, backed this last year by productions such as ‘The Afterparty’, ‘Separation’, ‘WeCrashed’, ‘Slow Horses’, ‘The Luminous’, ‘The Essex Serpent’, ‘Now and Then’, ‘Physical’, ‘Locked up with the Devil’, ‘After the Hurricane’, ‘Sisters Until Death’, ‘See’ or ‘Central Park’.