Zach Lipovsky and Adam B. Stein will direct the sixth installment of ‘Final Destination’

Zach Lipovsky and Adam B. Stein will be in charge of directing the sixth installment of the franchise of ‘Final destination’. The pair of filmmakers, known by their collaborators as “Zadam”, were chosen after making a presentation through Zoom without any waste (which we hope to see sooner or later). According to THR, the do made the proposal of him to the executives and producers with a fireplace burning behind them. When the meeting ended, the fire suddenly came to life and said fireplace began to burn. The filmmakers stopped and, after a tense moment, managed to quickly put out the flames. As they sat down, all relieved that the accident was over, there was a tearing crack and suddenly the ceiling fan dislodged and flew down, decapitating one of the filmmakers… Of course, it was all an elaborate gimmick: A combination of pre-recorded footage and visual effects served to showcase their unabashed enthusiasm and dispel any doubts studio executives and project producers might have had. This sixth installment will be produced by Craig Perry (producer of the previous five films), Sheila Hanahan Taylor, Jon Watts and Dianne McGunigle, wife and manager of the latter. In turn, the director of the Spider-Man trilogy starring Tom Holland is the author of a story that Lori Evans Taylor and Guy Busick (‘Wedding Night’, ‘Scream’) have been responsible for transforming into a script. While the details of that story are being kept under wraps, the premise of each and every film in the franchise remains the same: Someone has a highly realistic premonition of a horrific accident that ends their own life, allowing them to anticipate it. , cheat death and save other people’s lives along the way. But death neither forgives nor forgets, and will return to finish off the survivors one by one through elaborate “accidents” of the most imaginative. At first, it was said that the intention was to release the future film directly on HBO Max, although after the merger between WarnerMedia and Discovery, Inc. and the change in policy carried out by the new CEO, David Zaslav, it can be said. take for granted that it will be distributed in theaters in the same way as, for example, will happen with ‘Evil Dead Rise’, also a new installment of a popular horror franchise. This will be the fourth film from Lipovsky and Stein, previously responsible for ‘Leprechaun: Origins’, ‘Dead Rising: Watchtower’ and ‘Freaks’. Among his latest works stands out the direction of two of the thirteen episodes of ‘Los Fraguel: The fun continues’, the reissue of Jim Henson’s television classic premiered at the beginning of the year on Apple TV +.