Citadel Securities issues response to #KenGriffinLied Twitter trend

Citadel Ceo Lied Under Oath, Prison Ahead for him- Check Leaked Proof here

Citadel Securities has been carrying the albatross of being r/WallStreetBets most-hated companies on Wall Street for most of 2021, and things escalated earlier today on social media when #KenGriffinLied started to trend on Twitter. Many rumors of leaked email conversations between Citadel CEO Ken Griffin and Robinhood CEO Vlad Tenev fueled the Internet rage which … Read more

R. Kelly verdict: R&B star will see Prison, found guilty on all counts in New York sex trafficking trial

R&B star R. Kelly has been convicted in New York following a six-weeklong trial featuring graphic testimony from dozens of accusers. A jury of seven men and five women found the 54-year-old guilty Monday on all nine counts of sex trafficking and racketeering, on just the second day of deliberations. Kelly remained motionless, eyes downcast as the verdict was read. The charges were based on … Read more

France to end free Covid tests for all in October

The French prime minister has confirmed that Covid tests will no longer be free for all residents of France from the middle of October. PM Jean Castex, in an interview with Les Echos newspaper, confirmed the date of October 15th when ‘convenience tests’ will have to be paid for. After that date only tests done for medical … Read more

Damn!!! Justin Tucker Kicks A 66-Yard Field Goal, Setting A New NFL Record

This angle of @JTuck9‘s record-breaking kick is incredible. #RavensFlock — NFL (@NFL) September 26, 2021 Baltimore Ravens kicker Justin Tucker set a new NFL field goal record on Sunday, striking true from 66 yards — nearly 200 feet. The football smacked the crossbar and bounced through the goal, sealing a win over the Detroit … Read more

COVID-19 surpasses 1918 flu as deadliest pandemic in U.S. history

But national population numbers have tripled since then. Influenza killed one in 150 Americans, while one in 500 people have died from the coronavirus The coronavirus pandemic has become the deadliest disease outbreak in recent American history with tolls surpassing the estimated deaths of the 1918 flu. According to data from Johns Hopkins University, 681,253 individuals in … Read more

Taliban ban barbers from trimming beards in Afghanistan’s Helmand province

Taliban ban barbers from trimming beards in Afghanistan's Helmand province

“The Taliban have banned stylish hairstyles and shaving beards in Helmand province in southern Afghanistan,” The The Frontier Post reported citing the Taliban’s letter. The order, distributed on social networks, also contains a request not to play music or hymns on the premises of hairdressing salons, The Frontier Post reported.(AFP file photo. Representative image) The … Read more

CDC: Salmonella Outbreak Has Left 279 Ill, 26 Hospitalized In 29 States

CDC: Salmonella Outbreak Has Left 279 Ill, 26 Hospitalized In 29 States

There’s yet another Salmonella outbreak, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is calling it a “Salmonella Outbreak with Unknown Food Source.” The outbreak has already left at least 279 people ill and 26 hospitalized in 29 states. Now, typically, when you ask, “where did you get this food,” and someone responds, “an unknown food source,” you probably … Read more

Here’s what Robinhood executives allegedly said internally at the height of the GameStop short squeeze

Here’s what Robinhood executives allegedly said internally at the height of the GameStop short squeeze

KEY POINTS New documents revealed in a lawsuit allegedly show internal conversations between executives during the height of January’s meme-stock chaos. In one instance, Robinhood Chief Operating Officer Gretchen Howard acknowledges that the start-up was facing a “major liquidity crisis,” according to the suit. Publicly, the company’s chief executive was saying the opposite. “This clearing … Read more