The Crown To End With Imelda Staunton as the Final Queen.

Shockingly, The Crown is about to hit end; but the good news is that the creators have revealed The Final Queen. Imelda Staunton, who is famous for her role in Harry Potter as Professor Dolores Umbridge will be the final queen, Elizabeth II. Imelda Staunton Confirms To Be The Final Queen Peter Morgan, the creator of the … Read more

Top Gun 2: Why Does Iceman’s Role Need To Be Bigger Than Just Dying

The new Top Gun movie’s trailer is on our screens, and we cannot wait for Tom Cruise to get back with the film after 33 years the first movie came out. The 57 years old actor does not disappoint us in the trailer as he seems to be walking while wearing his charming smile with … Read more

Vanessa Lachey Speaking Out After Jessica Simpson’s Revelations! All The Details And More!

Jessica Simpson is here to reveal it all, and she has done it again! Well, this time it’s not about her exactly. As devoted fans of the tabloid may have noticed, since the release of her memoir, titled “Open Book”, Jessica Simpson has been out and about in the interviews, talking about everything, her addiction, … Read more

The Screening For Movie “Emma” In NYC : Attendees

The movie “Emma” was filmed on the Whitby Lodge on Tuesday night in Ney York Metropolitan. The movie stars Anya Taylor, Mia Goth, Josh O’Conner and Miranda Hart. The movie is about a strong and intelligent woman, Emma Woodhouse, who does not have any rivals in the city she lives in. She lives a very … Read more

Divorce With Drama: New Insights Between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp Divorce Case

While Johnny Depp had not been any stranger to any courtroom drama, a new lawsuit filed by his wife, Amber Heard, his ongoing feud has hit the news and fans are waiting for every little detail. Amber Heard had put allegation that Johnny Depp had abused her both physically and psychologically. The fans want to … Read more

Did The Academy Leak The Best Male Actor Oscar?

When it comes to spoilers, there is no single human who would love to get spoilers. Similarly, when ‘Accidently’ The Oscar’s winners’ list was tweeted, it led to a shockwave for the people and confusion all over. So is Joaquin Phoenix, the best male actor in this Oscar? A Prediction Or A Prank? Just a … Read more

Dempsey Making A Comeback! And This Time As A Politician.

From A Doctor to A Politician, is it? From Doc to Politician, Patrick Dempsey makes a come back in Television. Popularly known as “McDreamy” Patrick has also been the sexiest male on Television in the year 2011. He’s making a comeback with Ways And Means, a political drama, set at CBS. Dempsey will be playing … Read more

Justin Bieber’s SEASONS – Are Artists Looking For More Than Music To Express

Music is a soulful way to express deepest emotions, to connect to the people and highlight some of the commonly felt emotions which can be woven beautifully into rhythmic and groovy tunes.  But sometimes, some unfathomable emotions cannot be expressed through music alone. They require a bigger sentiment, a more expressive form to truly understand … Read more

Why Netflix Needs Oscar Nominations

Netflix has done a wonderful job of securing the position of one of the best streaming platforms in today’s world. It was a long journey with several obstacles but we could also witness some wonderful milestones achieved. While the Oscar awards are just around the corner, Netflix has outhustled some of the leading empires and … Read more

What Does Lana Wilson Have To Say About Taylor Swift’s Miss Americana?

Netflix launched Taylor swift’s Miss Americana on 31st January 2020, directed by Lana Wilson. She has filmed some of Swift’s life-changing moments. Starting from her reputation stadium tour to the making of the song lover, Wilson shows Taylor is not like any other pop star. What did Wilson think about Taylor Swift when she first … Read more