I Can’t Believe New Marvel Vs DC Docu-Series Is Finally In Work Says Avengers Endgame Director

Russo brothers have decided to return to the universe of superheroes for a new series, capturing the vast and complicated bonding between Marvel and DC comics. The Russo brothers, who are known as the Russo brothers are directors and also producers, screenwriters, actors and even editors on occasion showed us the marvel cinematic universe in … Read more

Netflix Teams Up With Nickelodeon To Beat Disney+ For New Animated Movies & Family Shows

In an announcement today, Netflix and Nickelodeon revealed the formation of a new, multi-year output based deal. The merger will produce original animated feature films and television series based on the Nickelodeon library of characters for a wide range of audiences all around the world. The companies had a relationship prior to this, and the … Read more

Joaquin Phoenix From Joker Himself Revealed What He Thinks About Movie Ending?

The questions regarding the ending of the Joker have haunted us. But we have our answers, or do we? Joaquin Phoenix sat down with Los Angeles Occasions and was asked what he thought about the ending. A refresher, the movie ends with Arthur Fleck in a psychological establishment after murdering Murray Franklin, a late-night Tv … Read more

Insidious 5 Cast, Release Date, Interesting Plot, [SPOILERS], What Is Going To Happen

Beware Insidiously is back with another horror-filled movie to scare you off!! Insidious has been setting the pedestal high since 2010, in the genre of Horror and supernatural in the world of other Hollywood movies. The movie franchise is directed masterfully by James Wan, Leigh Whannell writes it. The fans would recognize the actors in … Read more

Avengers Endgame Deleted Scene Of Katherine Langford’s Adult Morgan Stark On Disney+ Version

Rejoice! Avengers: Endgame is now on Disney +with a new scene added by the Director. As Avengers: Endgame was released on Disney+ on Nov 12th; the fans were able to see a scene that was not there in the original movie. The scene where Tony meets her daughter Morgan Stark after he snaps his fingers … Read more

Joaquin Phoenix Says His Joker Version Is The Better Than Heath Ledger’s Joker

The movie joker directed by Todd Phillips got a lot of love from the fans and critics recently, specifically the performance by Joaquin phoenix. The audience admired his acting and the dedication he put in the process to make it look smooth.   Joaquin Phoenix would be the second actor for playing Gotham city’s supervillain … Read more

Charlies Angels Premiere Shows Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott Ella Balinska Together

Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott and Ella Balinksha fired up and rocked in the red carpet event for Charlie’s Angles premiering on November 11 Monday evening at Westwood Regency Theatre in West Wood Los Angeles California. The director of the movie Elizabeth Banks who also appeared in the all-star film as Bosley, for the Conrad Hotel … Read more

The Batman Casting Saves Justice League Mistakes Made By DCEU

The rising solid for The Batman could be an excellent answer to Justice League’s troubles and also the Caped Crusader’s departure from the DCEU. When the ecstatically received The Dark Knight trio all over, and Christian Bale’s successor was unconcealed as Ben Affleck, it’s maybe honest to mention that fan excitement over big-screen Batman swaybacked. … Read more