Onward Mobility’s New Blackberry 5G is on its Way and Might Launch in 2021

The new Blackberry device is expected in the coming year 2021. You guessed it right. It is going to be a 5G phone and it will have a conventional physical keyboard.  TLC had dropped the name Blackberry and hence the new company Onward Mobility has picked the same up and now this new company is … Read more

Samsung’s Gift To Selected Galaxy Users; 3 Generations Of Android OS Upgrade

Very few users of Samsung Galaxy mobile will have any complaints against the company, as the company always thinks of users’ welfare and tries to provide the best experience possible. To add to this effort, Samsung will support three generations of upgrades for Android OS on selected devices of Galaxy. The Galaxy devices which are … Read more

Google Chrome Will Now Features “Fast Page”, To Access High Quality Web Pages Easily

Google Chrome is taking a number of initiatives to provide better and secured service to its users. A few changes are into considerations. Among those one is to update the Chrome to show some particular pages as “fast page”. Certain pages that are considered good in terms of user experience will be tagged as “fast … Read more

Asus Is Coming With Zenfone 7 Series On 26th August

The world economy is in a vulnerable condition right now. Every small, medium, and large scale company has to run their business very strategically now. At this point, they have to understand the need of the people very well. Moreover, foreign policies and international trade policies also are going through several changes at this time. … Read more

Dell XPS 17 Hits Indian Market, Check For The Processor And Graphics Card

Dell has just launched its latest laptop model XPS 17 in India. It comes just a few weeks after XPS 14 and XPS 15 have hit the Indian market. Naturally, the company is upgrading its features and configurations more with every new model. So it is obvious that the tech-savvy people are eager to know … Read more

Number of Chinese Firms Including Alibaba May Be Banned In USA

The impact of the claim that Chinese firms in USA have illegally transferred data to their own country seems to be greater. Not only Tiktok, but USA is also planning to ban a number of other Chinese firms located in that country. Reputed firms like Alibaba, the leading e-commerce merchant may be among them. After … Read more

Chromebooks to Receive Nvidia’s Cloud Gaming Service GE Force: An Affordable Alternative to Stadia

If you are a Chromebook user, then you will surely start feeling lucky. You can now play the game on your Chromebook just like you played on your PC. Yes, GE Force which is Nvidia’s free cloud gaming service is now available for Chromebooks also just like it was available for PC.   Initially, the case … Read more

Instagram Comes up with QR Code Feature to Stay Digital through any Camera App.

Last month, WhatsApp had come up with the idea of sharing your profile via QR code, and now Instagram has also introduced the same feature. Today, the company has started rolling out this feature. Well, it is not at all a new feature for Japan as it was already tested there last year. In 2018 … Read more