Good News For Pixel Lovers Is Here! The Top-Notch Features In The New Google Pixel 4 Are Revealed Here

Google Pixel 4 is likely one of the most leaked devices of all time, replacing Pixel 3. Today, in its hardware conference, Google unveiled the phone, which is just what we all expected. As we have seen in leaks, Google has redacted two Pixel devices — Google Pixel 4 and Google Pixel 4 XL with … Read more

Google’s Pixelbook Go Is Here! This Is How Apple’s Mac Book Air Is Different From It

Pixelbook Go is a lightweight and thin laptop powered by a processor chip of the Intel Core series. The keyboard and style influence the new Pixelbook by the older Chromebook version. Google’s Ivy Ross introduced the new Pixelbook Go to build a tiny, versatile laptop that lasts all day long. With a bigger battery, a … Read more