Major Reveals From Dr. Strange Surgeon Supreme Official Trailer, Release Date, Cast, Plot, Spoilers And Everything You Should Know

Now be ready as Doctor Strange has healed his hands and can now get back into the surgery room where he’s known to be the master of all. Well, a special thanks to Mark Waid the new “Surgeons Supreme” series will feature a Doctor Strange who fights magical enemies at night and during the daytime, … Read more

Major Reveals From American Horror Story: 1984 – Season Finale, Release Date, Cast, Spoilers And Everything You Should Know

The most popular American horror television series, ‘American Horror Story’ created by Ryan Murphy is widely known for its unique and gripping storyline every season. The series never fails to impress the fans and has maintained the quality since its first season. The fan clubs all around the world always keeps the AHS franchise alive … Read more

On Which Netflix’s Best The Devil Next Door Actually Based On?

Netflix’s crime drama, ‘The Devil Next Door,’ is an exclusive fiction, based on real events. The story is based on the factual incident, which came to an end a decade ago. The crew of the “Wild Wild Country” produced it excitingly. The drama begins in the 1980s, Cleveland, Ohio. The twist in the upcoming sequel, … Read more

Black Friday Deals For Gamers PS4 And PS4 Pro, Why Not To Wait For PS 5?

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Warner Bros Officially Revealed its new logo and mission taglines for upcoming centennial’s and premiers as expected

To commemorate the 2023 centennial anniversary of the studio’s founding, Warner Bros. has unveiled a new logo featuring a streamlined version of the iconic “W.B.” shield, as reported by Deadline. The new logo was revealed by Warner Bros. CEO Ann Sarnoff, who presented it on the  Warner Bros. water tower. “As we approached our centennial, we thought … Read more

Wonder Woman: Tempest Tossed Cast Unveiled First Look of Laurie Halse Anderson & Leila del Duca’s in the Premier

Today, DC gave a glimpse of Wonder Woman: Tempest Tossed, a new young adult (YA) graphic novel written by one of the most influential voices in YA publishing, Laurie Halse Anderson. It is set to be released next year. Artist Leila del Duca will join Anderson in this origin story that explores Princess Diana’s teenage … Read more

Tom Spurgeon the biggest and award winning comic creator passed away at the age of 51

Tom Spurgeon, a legend of the media industry, has died 51 years old. He was a comic book journalist where he won many awards for his fantastic work. He was a great editor and critic of comic books. His brother was the first person who shared this tragic news with the public over his social … Read more

There Is A Reason Why Director’s Have To Cut Tony Stark’s Afterlife Scene In Avengers Endgame

Are you in thought that Avenger’s: Endgame gives end titles for Tony Stark’s( Iron Man) character? Then, You haven’t know the matter about deleted scenes. Do you remember Iron Man sacrificed in the battle with Thanos? Have you seen Endgame? Of course, as a Marvel fan, you will. At last, in the battle of Avengers … Read more