Blizzcon Event 2021: Best Trailers & Biggest Announcements

Blizzcon was delayed by the Unprecedented pandemic but the virtual version of Blizzcon 2021,the annual games convention was nothing short of spectacular. Game enthusiasts keep reading to find out more about what unwrapped in Blizzcon Event 2021. Upcoming Trailers Blizzcon 2021 was clad with praise-worthy trailers. The opening of this year’s Blizzcon event covered world-renowned … Read more

Jurassic World 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot and Why Fans are Afraid for Its Future?

The ’90s were the year of the rom-com. Of weird hairdos and atrocious dressing styles. And even today, people remember and reminisce. However, they don’t have something that the kids of the 2000s do. Our movies. Ever since the inception of Steven Spielberg’s pioneering creation, The Jurrasic Park, animation in movies hasn’t looked back. A … Read more

Lord of the rings: check out for the trailer and release date, and the fate of Bilbo baggins

A brilliant franchise with the best movies: The Lord of the Rings has always been underrated fandom, but not anymore! With the highly anticipated release of its TV show, The Lord of the Rings or LOTR in short, are finally picking up speed and we couldn’t be more excited! Here’s all we know till now! … Read more