Code Geass Season 3: Release Date, Time [English Dub] Where to Watch

Code Geass Season 3: Release Date, Time [English Dub] Where to Watch

With two seasons of this series is already released, there are questions about Code Geass season 3 and more updates, here is all that you need to know about the update.  When Is Code Geass Season 3 Releasing?  Code Geass Season 3 release date is not yet official. To date, there is no official announcement … Read more

Noragami Season 3 Where Can I Watch Noragami 3? Do Yato and Hiyori End Up Together? Renewal Status, Release Date, Plot and Who’s Returning?

Noragami, an anime series based on the manga comics, which goes by the same name last release the 2nd part of the series back in October 2015. Now it has been more than four years, and fans are waiting for its 3rd season more eagerly. PLOT This series follows a poor deity named Yato, who … Read more

Bosch Season 7 Is Titus Welliver Returning? Will There Be A Season 8? Is Bosch Coming Back In 2020? Does Jerry Edgar Die In Bosch? Is The Bosch House Real?

Bosch is an American web television series produced by Amazon Studios. Bosch starring Titus Welliver as Los Angeles Police Detective Harry Bosch. The first season was notably an adaption from the novels “City of Bones”, “Echo Park” and “The Concrete Blonde”. BOSCH SEASON 7 IS TITUS WELLIVER RETURNING? The last season i.e. season 6 was … Read more

The Expanse Season 5 What Are All the New Updates on The Expanse Season 5? Why Did Syfy Cancel the Expanse? Is It on Netflix? Is The Expanse Boring?

The Expanse is a science-fiction television series that aired on the Amazon Prime Video and Syfy network. The story goes by hundred of years ahead in the future. Things seem to have changed a lot as humans have colonized the solar system and Mars has become an independent military power. The two don’t go along … Read more

Morning Show Season 2 Cast Details Story Line. Will The Morning Show Be On Netflix? Is It Returning For A Season 2?

Traverses the cruel world of daylight news and the lives of the people who support America wake up in the morning. The story is told through two complicated women (Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon). Both are working to operate the minefield of high-octane jobs while facing trials in both their personal and professional lives. Alex … Read more

Hotstar is Disney’s Weapon Against Netflix And Prime In India

Disney has always been famous among the audiences of TV series and Movies. They have always wanted that it has a portal over the online streaming services such as Netflix, Hotstar or Amazon Prime. There seems to be good news for Disney lovers. The Good News   As Disney announced that it would enable its … Read more

Lord of the rings: check out for the trailer and release date, and the fate of Bilbo baggins

A brilliant franchise with the best movies: The Lord of the Rings has always been underrated fandom, but not anymore! With the highly anticipated release of its TV show, The Lord of the Rings or LOTR in short, are finally picking up speed and we couldn’t be more excited! Here’s all we know till now! … Read more

Better Call Saul: Air Date, Casting And Expectations!

The 5th Part of the series was announced even before the launch of its Season 4. Its similarity with the thriller drama, Breaking Bad, makes it even more exciting for the viewers to wait for it. Premiere According to the sources, the next season is most likely to air in mid-2020. Speaking about the season … Read more

Jayde Adams: Serious Black Jumper, The Comedian Who Explores What It Means To Be A Feminist In The Society.

November born British comedian, actress, singer, and writer Jayde Adams, has been a stand-up comedian since 2011. Jayde’s Unapologetic Feminism In a recent interview, Jayde said: “I’m merely a comedian, I’m no expert on politics.” She further added, “I’m just trying to make everyone laugh. Laughter is something that can bring us together. Even if … Read more