APPLE OR ZOOM: What will you choose to video call? Apple announces new software updates

Apple Inc. in wwdc

Apple Inc. in its Worldwide Development Conference (WWDC) this Monday has announced that it will be launching its new software updates in the line for improving the video calling experience on its native FaceTime app. In this pandemic, the value and mobility of online interactions have grown to new heights from students attending subject classes … Read more

Apple Co-founder Steve Wozniak Sued Over Theft Of Business Idea

Everyone is aware of the Apple company, which is the leading producer of the world’s most efficient smartphones. Unfortunately, the co-creator of the Apple company Steve Wozniak has been sued over the theft of a business idea. Steve Wozniak Alleged Over Theft Over Business Idea As per the latest information, the co-creator of the iPhone … Read more

Microsoft Now Stands By Epic Games Against Apple

The differences between Apple and other tech giants are broadening day by day. Microsoft, who already has a conflict with Apple over its cloud gaming, now reaches to court defending Epic Games and against Apple. Epic Games is the maker company of a very popular game Fortnite which has been recently removed from Apple App … Read more

Finally Apple Apologizes To WordPress, No Add-In App Purchases Required

We are already seeing Epic vs Apple row which has turned into a legal matter and amidst that WordPress made a sensational yet substantial allegation against Apple Inc of cutting off app updates of its free app. It had forcefully led WordPress to monetise it’s totally free app by selling premium plans and custom domain … Read more

Fortnite Pre-installed iPhones Selling At Higher Price, After Apple & Google Banned It

A company may find out a USP for its product after loads of research and analysis. But what will actually work for the product when it finally hits the market is actually very unpredictable. It mostly depends on the circumstances. This is a common thing for gadgets too. The latest example of that unpredictable USP … Read more

Apple iPhone 12 May Release In October, Will Be Rich In Features & Less Costly

When the topic is Apple iPhone, speculations and rumors can’t be expected to stop. Now there is a buzz that Apple is going to launch iPhone 12 series in October. Along with the launch date, some key features of the device are also revealed by a source. If that source is authentic, then it can … Read more

Facebook-Apple Rift Widened, Now Over App Store Commission Issue

The conflict between Facebook and Apple continues. Earlier the two tech giants took on each other on Facebook’s mini-games section. Apple didn’t allow the mini-games section of Facebook and that’s why they had to remove that option for App Store. Now App Store has rejected to stow the commission it takes on those live online … Read more

Amid Conflict With Microsoft & Facebook, It’s Apple Vs Epic Games Now

After Facebook, Microsoft, and Google, Apple has now involved itself in war against the game creator company Epic Games. The fight between the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X was going to be the biggest battle for gamers this year and it was being called the console war. But now the war has taken … Read more

Apple In Rift With Google, Microsoft And Facebook Over Cloud Gaming

It has always been a competitive situation among giant tech companies that dominate the world. The names are few, Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Facebook. These four companies are leading the tech world. But news of conflicts and clashes between them comes out very often. Now it is gaming that the companies are taking on each … Read more

Apple’s Smartphone Sales In Danger After Trump Decides To Ban WeChat

Chinese messaging app WeChat is under threat of a ban in the U.S.A and that may force Chinese smartphone users to choose between their Apple iPhones and WeChat. WeChat has been considered as a threat to national security by the Trump government and the president has already signed banning U.S. transactions with the Chinese app … Read more