Asteroid That Is Tagged Potentially Hazardous Set To Pass By Earth


2020 is not over yet. Bizzare news is all over the world. On September 14, a potentially dangerous asteroid is to pass by Earth. The report has come directly from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. The asteroid, now named as the 2020 QL2 is all over the news lately. It varies between 53 to … Read more

Potentially Dangerous Asteroid Passed Earth, Spotted By An Amateur Astronomer

Its been a few days, an asteroid headed towards the Earth. However, it was spotted by an amateur astronomer and was considered potentially dangerous. However, it is predicted that if it collides with the Earth, then it has the potential to destroy the whole planet. The asteroid passed at a safe distance. It passed having … Read more

A Massive Yet Hazardous Asteroid To Rush Past The Earth Today! Is There Any Sign Of Danger Or It Is Harmless? Check Here

Asteroid To Move Past The Earth Today! So, scientists or Science buffs here is a piece of news for all of you. As per NASA’s Centre for Near-Earth Object Studies (CNEOS), a ‘potentially hazardous’ asteroid is set to rush past the earth. This asteroid is expected to flow at a speed of 38,620 kmph or … Read more