Here’s An Exclusive Preview Of Batman Tales: Once Upon A Crime

Authored by the extremely talented and creative Derek Fridolfs with illustrations by Dustin Nguyen, Batman Tales: Once upon a crime is a remarkable graphic novel. What Is The Graphic Novel About? The graphic novel has a mixture of legendary fairy tales with DC Comic characters; it is like various hues of varied colours on the … Read more

Joker: Heath Ledger’s Mysterious Death Connected To The Character Explained!

Heath Ledger’s Joker is undeniably the most magnificent superhero movie performance of all time. The most prominent reason why The Dark Knight is considered the greatest superhero movie ever made is because of Heath’s unique portrayal of The Joker. When Ledger first got the role of Joker, within five seconds, he knew how to play … Read more

Top DC Universe Movies Ranked By Fans

The ever-expanding DC Universe has given us several classic films right from Batman to The Joker. But apparently, something is known as DC Extended Universe also exists and that too has rolled out absolute hits. The DC Extended Universe initially kick-started with Man Of Steel (2013), and the legacy continues. Again, along with the DC … Read more

[Spoilers] Justice League 2 Release Date Revealed, Expected Cast, Plot Details, Latest Fan Theories And What About Henry Cavill, Details Inside?

“Justice League 2”, the most awaited film by the DC fans. First, the movie was announced in 2014, to be released on 14th June 2019. But, that schedule didn’t even stand up to the release of the first part, “Justice League.” All About The Justice League: It is the fifth installment on the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) … Read more

Who Is In The List Of Top Dominating Characters of DC In 2019?

As Marvel started Elections for choosing a most defeating character from the universe Similarly DC has begun the same Election. DC also gave 1100 characters to their fans from which they have to choose 50 most dominating character, but we have three character’s list. Here is the List. 3. Nightwing: A character who took Batman’s … Read more

The One Who Saved The Batman Is Becoming More Famous This Time Want To Know Him?

In this year’s Batman Annual#4, ‘Carmine Infantino’ was briefly mentioned. In the “First Kiss” storyline, Bruce Wayne goes to prom. The band playing in the background is named “The Infantinos”. The man on whom the band is based on is known as the man who saved “The Man Who Saved Batman”. Infantino: A Forgotten Legend … Read more

You Need To See This Now Lego’s Biggest Batman Automobile Ever And Its Mind Blowing

LEGO releases a brilliant version of Batmobile with unavoidable build-up. LEGO launched the fantastic version of Batmobile to celebrate and in remembrance of the 30th anniversary of the Batman film, which released in 1989. The film revolves around Batman, who is the title character who begins his war on crime and depicts in a battle … Read more