Do we have some exciting cameos this season on Brooklyn nine-nine?

As we already saw Jake Peralta(Andy Samberg), Amy Santiago(Melissa Fumero) and Terry Jeffords(Terry Crews) in the trailer. The original cast is expected to return on Brooklyn nine-nine season 7. However, Gina Linetti’s exit is still in question. When celebrities Lin-Manuel Miranda, Mark Hamill, Sean Astin, Guillermo del Toro and Seth Meyers campaigned for the series … Read more

Brooklyn Nine Nine Season 7: Are You Up For The Shenanigans?

The trailer starts with Jake Peralta being the “savior” of his team by helping them out of danger which only turns out to be a “plan” of his own, in other words, we might as well call it an imagination. For the past six seasons “Brooklyn nine-nine” has never failed to make the audience laugh … Read more

Top 9 episodes of Brooklyn Nine Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine has always come out with some pure gems in terms of comedy. The show first released in 2013 and after a brief cancellation scare after season four, everything has only looked up. The show played by iconic actors Andy Samberg, Melissa Fumero, Terry Crews, Stephanie Beatrice, Joe Lo Truglio and Andre Braugher, remains … Read more

Why Brooklyn Nine Nine’s Jake And Amy Make The Best Tv Couple

Cop sitcom Brooklyn Nine Nine is one of the most trending shows on television. With a perfect hint of humour, comedy and action, the show is perfect to rewatch when you are bored. Jake Peralta being the hero of the show, his love towards Amy Santiago grows across the period of time. How Did It … Read more

Brooklyn Nine Nine Cast Previews Holt’s Demotion! Details And More

Nine-Nine is back on track! Get ready for more “shenanigoogles” than ever before. Season 7 of the top-grossing sitcom will turn the 99 precinct dynamics, as it was teased in the exclusive video. Plot The show will pick up after the events of Season 6. We saw commissioner Madeline Wuntch demoting Holt to patrolman. Holt … Read more

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7: Get Ready For Shenanigans

The 24 Karat Gold comedy is back with its new season on Netflix, and one can never get over shenanigans. The makers always bring magic to our screens through the humour and fantastic storyline. The well-written crime cases are intriguing and still excite us. The great characters like Jake Peralta and Captain Holt utilize their … Read more