Rihanna Meets E-scooter Accident, Suffers Face Injuries

Singer Rihanna has met an electric scooter accident recently and is recovering from the injuries now. She was spotted in Los Angeles outside a restaurant when a swelling on her face and a black eye were visible. The skin-care tycoon was evidently not willing to caught by the cameras. She came in her car for … Read more

Christopher Nolan’s Film ‘Tenet’ Dominates The Post-pandemic Box Office

‘Tenet’ seems to be the most profitable film this weekend after releasing on last Friday. In just two days, it earned $20.5 million in China. It also released globally this weekend and attracted a lot of viewers. In the US, many theaters have just opened on this weekend after a long closure due to pandemic. … Read more

Top Hollywood Movies Based On Real Exorcism

People love to watch horror movies, getting scared, and talking about all the spooky stuff. But do you know that all the films are not the result of the creativity only; there are some movies which are inspired by the real-life exorcism movies. If you haven’t seen these real-life exorcism movies then here is your … Read more

Quibi Made Attempts To Sign Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Before Netflix Contract

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are on the carpet of Hollywood. They are all set to come up as Hollywood producers. Streaming giant Netflix is the most preferred option to them. After they are ceased to be working members of the British royal family, Prince Harry and Meghan’s saga will be continued with a … Read more

‘Dancing with the Stars’ Season 29: Get Ready To Enjoy A Bundle Of Stars On The Stage

One of the most waiting show ‘Dancing with the Stars’ is coming with its season 29. On 14th September the new season of the show is all set to debut. The cast of the show is already revealed in ‘Good Morning America’. A bunch of stars will participate in the show. The list includes ‘Bachelor’ … Read more

Miley Cyrus Recalls Her Silent Days

Smoking left a great impact on the melodious voice of singer Miley Cyrus. Recently she spoke about her vocal surgery in the podcast of ‘Joe Rogan Experience’ which continued for two hours. Last year she experienced a tough time as a singer. She faced a throat surgery which made her silent. According to Miley, a window … Read more

Alex Hooper Gets Slammed On America’s Got Talent After Throwing Insulting Jokes

The fourth and final episode of the ‘LIVE’ quarterfinals of America’s Got Talent (AGT) was full of happenings. The episodes of this season of AGT was no smooth from its very beginning. The episode aired on Tuesday saw Alex Hooper, the Insult Comic get roasted by judges. Hooper came to stage dressed in a furry … Read more

You’re Forever In My Heart, Says Boseman’s Co-Star Letitia Wright About Him

It’s been a few days now that the Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman has left us. But neither his co-stars nor his family, friends or fans can get over him. Now, actress Letitia Wright, who was Chadwick’s co-star in Black Panther, has posted something very heart touching on Instagram. She has shared her pain for … Read more

Kanye West Opens Up On Sharing The Thought Of Aborting Their First Child

Rapper Kanye West has opened up about the recent happenings in his life in an interview on the podcast Cannon’s Class by Nick Canon on Tuesday. He even didn’t hesitate to tell that they were ready to abort their child North West who is seven years old now. Kanye shared what happened in 2012 when … Read more

‘New Girls’ Mates Never Hang Out Together, Jake Johnson Shares The Reason

The co-stars of ‘New Girls’ share a close friendship. But surprisingly they never go anywhere to hang out. Except for the time of filming on the sets, the sitcom’s cast never spends leisure time. Jake Johnson aka Nick Miller revealed the reason behind it. On the podcast of ‘Life Is Short with Justin Long’, Jake … Read more