U.S. China Tech War Rages, Washington Debates Steps Beyond Just Blocking The Competition

U.S. China Tech War Rages, Washington Debates Steps Beyond Just Blocking The Competition

What do you expect when two powerful countries entangled in a competition? U.S. china tech war is not a new subject however it has been raged to a certain level. In fact, recently, Washington Debates Steps Beyond Just Blocking The Competition. U.S. China Tech War Rages In the first of a five-section arrangement on US-China … Read more

China Fires Back On US At UNSC Meeting Over Pandemic

After getting criticized repeatedly, China has raised voice at United Nations Security Council meeting. Earlier on this week President Donald Trump had attacked China on the Covid-19 issue while addressing the General Assembly. China’s representative Zhang Jun took the chance to reply in UN meeting and said, “Enough is enough”. China was scalped over the … Read more

US Dept. Lifts Their Travel Prohibitions To China

e State Department still urges Americans to reconsider travel to China, but it upgraded its advice from a blanket warning not to go to the country. The United States has eased its travel-against-China alarm. US acknowledged that the nation made progress against COVID-19 despite the frequent criticism of its pandemic role. The State Department urged … Read more

Chinese Virologist Claims That Covid-19 Virus Is Prepared In Wuhan Laboratory

Chinese Virologist Claims That Covid-19 Virus Is Prepared In Wuhan Laboratory A Chinese Virologist claims that the Covid-19 Virus is manufactured in Wuhan Laboratory. She also claims that she has proof.  The report says that Li-Meng Yan, the Chinese Virologist went to China after becoming a whistleblower in the case. She reportedly claimed that the … Read more

A Shocking Revelation: Coronavirus Was Created In Wuhan Lab? See What Chinese Virologist Li-Meng Exposed!

Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, any news related to coronavirus can create havoc everywhere. However, it is being predicted that coronavirus was created in Wuhan lab. Dr Li-Meng Yan, a Chinese virologist, has made a shocking revelation. According to her, the Corona Virus was made in Wuhan’s lab. however, she has been researching it quite a … Read more

Number of Chinese Firms Including Alibaba May Be Banned In USA

The impact of the claim that Chinese firms in USA have illegally transferred data to their own country seems to be greater. Not only Tiktok, but USA is also planning to ban a number of other Chinese firms located in that country. Reputed firms like Alibaba, the leading e-commerce merchant may be among them. After … Read more

Xiaomi Redmi G First Gaming Laptop Featuring 10th Generation Intel Core CPU Launched In China

Redmi, the sub-brand of Xiaomi, has launched its first gaming laptop ever. The base variant will cost Rs. 57,100 approximately in Indian currency. Xiaomi has already set itself as a leading tech company throughout the world. So when a sub-brand of a tech giant is launching a gaming laptop for the first time, it is … Read more

Apple’s Smartphone Sales In Danger After Trump Decides To Ban WeChat

Chinese messaging app WeChat is under threat of a ban in the U.S.A and that may force Chinese smartphone users to choose between their Apple iPhones and WeChat. WeChat has been considered as a threat to national security by the Trump government and the president has already signed banning U.S. transactions with the Chinese app … Read more

Food Prices Are Soaring In China Due To Coronavirus And Swine Fever

The coronavirus outbreak has caused severe stress on household budgets. In January, the consumer inflation rate hit 5.4%. The surge in the prices is visible. Since several cities have been completely blocked and shut down to safeguard it from the virus, many transportation links have been disrupted. Several numbers of businesses have also been shut … Read more