One Of The Biggest Benefits Of Disney+ Is Offensive Scenes Not Cut From Films

For decades, Disney has been entertaining us with its production of popular iconic characters that are our all-time favourites. The era of Disney that dates long back in the 1930s  has both antiquated and modern values in inheritance. With the announcement of Disney+, an American subscription video-on-demand and streaming service, we all are quite excited … Read more

Famous Disney Actor Chris Tavarez Arrest Effects Disney+Sales?

According to reports, Disney actor Chris Tavarez was arrested on charges of domestic violence following an altercation with his girlfriend. Tavarez and his wife had an argument during the weekend of 9-10 November at a house in Hollywood. This escalated to a point where he forced her to hit her head. Police officers have called … Read more

Disney+ Moon Knight Series Will Introduce Blade In The MCU

Do Moon Knight series of Disney plus shows connect with “The Blade” movie of MCU? Is it happening? Does such a thing happen before? Is connecting Disney plus and Marvel Studios is a rumour? There’s talk about marvel studio’s which might be a rumour. The rumour is about connecting characters of Disney plus shows with … Read more

Netflix Teams Up With Nickelodeon To Beat Disney+ For New Animated Movies & Family Shows

In an announcement today, Netflix and Nickelodeon revealed the formation of a new, multi-year output based deal. The merger will produce original animated feature films and television series based on the Nickelodeon library of characters for a wide range of audiences all around the world. The companies had a relationship prior to this, and the … Read more

Sad Situation For Netflix Over 10 Million People Signed Up For Disney+

Are you aware of Disney’s New platform Disney+? What happened to Netflix? This morning, Disney company’s new platform got about ten million sign-ups all over the world. This enormous demand, explains that this is a sad situation to Netflix, since its targeted customers, prompt towards Disney+. What Executives think about the demand for Disney+? According … Read more

It’s Official Now: She-Hulk, Moon Knight And Ms. Marvel Join’s MCU Movies

Now officials are giving a Christmas gift to Marvel fans as Marvel’s chief creative officer Kevin Fiege has assured their fans that some new characters are going to join MCU movies. Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk and Moon Knight had appeared on the TV screen on Disney Plus channel, but now they are going to enter the … Read more