Lana Wilson On Taylor Swift’s Documentary Miss Americana

Released on the 31st of January 2020, Miss Americana offered the real, empowering as well as funny life of Taylor Swift. Her issue with eating disorders, sexual assault and a lot more was provided in the documentary. Consequently, it became the highest-rated Netflix original documentary film on IMDB.  Taylor And Lana Wilson The fascinating, as … Read more

Justin Bieber’s SEASONS – Are Artists Looking For More Than Music To Express

Music is a soulful way to express deepest emotions, to connect to the people and highlight some of the commonly felt emotions which can be woven beautifully into rhythmic and groovy tunes.  But sometimes, some unfathomable emotions cannot be expressed through music alone. They require a bigger sentiment, a more expressive form to truly understand … Read more

10 Documentaries To Watch On Netflix Right Now That Aren’t True Crime

Unlike fictional TV shows or movies, Documentaries are educational while giving you hours of entertainment. But mostly you only know about the true-crime based documentaries because of their popularity and your friend’s recommendations. However, not everyone is a fan of brutal and cunning stories of killing people. And if you are one of them, read … Read more

Cheer season 2: Premiere Date, Rumours and Predictions!

The cheerleaders of Navarro are back, and there’s no stopping them. Cheer is ready to release a season 2, and we can’t control ourselves. Since the inception of the first season, people have been losing their minds, and this is the same. The first season of the original documentary brought with it an epic level … Read more

The Most Striking Details In Netflix’s Aaron Hernandez Documentary

As Killer Inside: The mind of Aaron Hernandez is in vogue on Netflix. The documentary raises a lot of intriguing questions and can baffle the viewers with its sharp truths. It takes us on the pensive journey of some heinous crimes committed by the legendary star but also is a little treat for the football … Read more

The Most Important Movie Of 2018: The Game Changers Documentary Is Finally Here.

After eight years within creating the hugely anticipated motion-picture show created by James Cameron and that includes Arnold Schwarzenegger finally debuted at the celebrated Sundance festival in Beehive state, USA. Plot Directed by Oscar-winning filmmaker, Louie Psihoyos(The Cove, Racing Extinction) and executive produced by James Cameron(Titanic, Avatar); The movie tells the story of James Wikis-elite … Read more