Google, Facebook and Tesla Cryptocurrency are launching on Crypto Exchange FTX

Google, Facebook and Tesla Cryptocurrency are launching on Crypto Exchange FTX

A company based on Swiss Digital Asset AG is about to launch Cryptocurrency through crypto exchange FTX. And, there are a lot of free-floating tokens to be traded up here including Google, Facebook, and Telsa. Here is all that you  need to know about Tesla, Facebook, and Google Crypto Tesla, Facebook, and Google Cryptocurrency A … Read more

Mark Zuckerberg Net Worth 2021? Age, Dating and Relationship Timeline

Mark Zuckerberg Net Worth, Age ,Dating and Much More

Mark Zuckerberg one of the youngest self-made billionaires. Known to the world as a Facebook creator and a very down-to-earth person. Learn more about Mark Zuckerberg his age, dating, net worth, and much more in the following article Early Life Of Mark Zuckerberg Mark Zuckerberg – a Businessperson, entrepreneur, computer scientist, software developer, and investor. … Read more

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram Might Ban In India As They Failed To Comply With New Rules, What Will Happen Next?

The cutoff time to follow the impending legal rules inferred for enormous electronic media stages, that were given by the public power 12 weeks earlier, is completing on Tuesday, subverting the errands of any similarity to Twitter in India. What Does The Guideline Say If electronic media associations don’t conform to the standards, they may lose their status … Read more

Will Facebook And Google Pay For News In Australia? Tech Giants Vs Aus Govt

Will Facebook and Google Pay? The government of Australia is making it impossible for Facebook and Google to post any news. They will take down any sites because they are not gaining one way or another. Australia will be the first country to ever banned like this. They are still considering whether to ban permanently … Read more

Facebook Blocks News Access In Australia Against New Australian Media Law

Facebook will restrict editors and clients in Australia. They will prevent them from looking at or sharing any news-related data on Facebook. There is a proposal by the government that will pressure the tech companies to pay for newspaper content. The measures which is also proceeding through the legislature would prompt other countries to go … Read more

Facebook-Apple Rift Widened, Now Over App Store Commission Issue

The conflict between Facebook and Apple continues. Earlier the two tech giants took on each other on Facebook’s mini-games section. Apple didn’t allow the mini-games section of Facebook and that’s why they had to remove that option for App Store. Now App Store has rejected to stow the commission it takes on those live online … Read more

Amid Conflict With Microsoft & Facebook, It’s Apple Vs Epic Games Now

After Facebook, Microsoft, and Google, Apple has now involved itself in war against the game creator company Epic Games. The fight between the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X was going to be the biggest battle for gamers this year and it was being called the console war. But now the war has taken … Read more

Apple In Rift With Google, Microsoft And Facebook Over Cloud Gaming

It has always been a competitive situation among giant tech companies that dominate the world. The names are few, Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Facebook. These four companies are leading the tech world. But news of conflicts and clashes between them comes out very often. Now it is gaming that the companies are taking on each … Read more

Facebook Gaming App Without Mini Games Sections Launched: Apple App Store Policies

There is good news for iOS users. Except for the key feature, mini-games, the Facebook gaming app will be available in the Apple app store. Only Android users can enjoy the mini-games in the gaming app of Facebook. In recent months the Facebook gaming app was rejected by the Apple app store several times. In … Read more