The Flash Just Outraced [SPOILER] – But That’s Impossible!

Made by Mark Waid in 1994’s The Flash #91, the Speed Force is the substance from which speedsters infer their unfathomable force. Some speedsters have even gotten one with the Speed Force, and how much one attracts from it will, in general, compare legitimately to one’s forces. The infinite power empowers some entirely surprising capacities, … Read more

Crisis On Infinite Earths Makes DCEU Canon In Arrowverse With Ezra Miller Flash Cameo.

DCEU’s version of Flash played by Ezra Miller meets CW’s Flash confirming the crossover of Crisis on Infinite Earths in Arrowverse. With the cameo of Ezra Miller from the Justice League movie, the makers just hinted towards the starting of a new exciting arc. Expected Release Date of Flash The small screen shared universe of … Read more