Fortnite Pre-installed iPhones Selling At Higher Price, After Apple & Google Banned It

A company may find out a USP for its product after loads of research and analysis. But what will actually work for the product when it finally hits the market is actually very unpredictable. It mostly depends on the circumstances. This is a common thing for gadgets too. The latest example of that unpredictable USP … Read more

Florida Mom Arrested And Sentenced To Prison For Child Abuse After She Broke Her Child’s Jaw When He wouldn’t Stop Playing Fortnite Even After Several Warnings

An incident occurred on October 23, Wednesday, in which a mother was charged for hurting her son. On Wednesday, around 5 in the evening, the boy was playing Fortnite when his mother, Ann Perugia, asked her son to take a bath. According to the reports, when Ann Perugia asked her son to stop playing the … Read more