Google, Facebook and Tesla Cryptocurrency are launching on Crypto Exchange FTX

Google, Facebook and Tesla Cryptocurrency are launching on Crypto Exchange FTX

A company based on Swiss Digital Asset AG is about to launch Cryptocurrency through crypto exchange FTX. And, there are a lot of free-floating tokens to be traded up here including Google, Facebook, and Telsa. Here is all that you  need to know about Tesla, Facebook, and Google Crypto Tesla, Facebook, and Google Cryptocurrency A … Read more

Google Drive Security Update Could Leave Some File Links Broken

Google Drive Security Update Could Leave Some File Links Broken

A great deal of old Google Drive connections gets blocks off by mid-September. The tech monster reported that carrying out an update will make sharing Drive records safer. After the update goes out in September, Drive will add an asset key to joins produced for sharing. So what’s the significance here for old connections previously … Read more

Will Facebook And Google Pay For News In Australia? Tech Giants Vs Aus Govt

Will Facebook and Google Pay? The government of Australia is making it impossible for Facebook and Google to post any news. They will take down any sites because they are not gaining one way or another. Australia will be the first country to ever banned like this. They are still considering whether to ban permanently … Read more

Google Analytics For Android Is Coming With Another Update With Much Awaited Facility

Google Analytics is coming with another latest update very soon. It had a major update for its Android in the previous month. The update was a major one as a number of changes had been made in the interface and it also had the entirely updated Google Material Theme. But this time, for the satisfaction … Read more

Fortnite Pre-installed iPhones Selling At Higher Price, After Apple & Google Banned It

A company may find out a USP for its product after loads of research and analysis. But what will actually work for the product when it finally hits the market is actually very unpredictable. It mostly depends on the circumstances. This is a common thing for gadgets too. The latest example of that unpredictable USP … Read more

Video Conferencing Via Google Meet Will Allow Larger Screens Now

Work from home has become a new norm now. School classes, art, and cultural classes, even vital meetings and conferences are now being held virtually in every corner of the world as getting out of home and gathering are not safe for us. In these circumstances, any technology that is of utmost necessity is the … Read more

Google Maps Are Becoming More Attractive Now

Google is continuously giving efforts for the last 15 years to make betterment in the Google Maps section. The map is already feature-rich with accuracy, easy access, proper guide, easy to understand, and attractive to look. But the company still wants it to improve more. Now Google is adding a color feature to the map … Read more

Google Chrome Will Now Features “Fast Page”, To Access High Quality Web Pages Easily

Google Chrome is taking a number of initiatives to provide better and secured service to its users. A few changes are into considerations. Among those one is to update the Chrome to show some particular pages as “fast page”. Certain pages that are considered good in terms of user experience will be tagged as “fast … Read more

Google Plans To Close Duo & Resume Video Calling With Google Meet

Google is planning to close its video calling application Google Duo’s functions and make users do video calls via Google Meet only. Since the video calling app Duo has launched, it is popular to the users. Because of the current situation the demand for high quality video calling apps has increased highly, Duo provides a … Read more

The Unique Designs Of All New Google Pixel Smartwatch

The smartwatch lovers can dream of getting the most awaited Google pixel smartwatch anytime now as the concept images are recently revealed. According to its designer James Tsai, it is a watch that is far developed from the plastic feel of the products that were available earlier. Till now Apple’s smartwatch is unstoppable in the … Read more