Chrome Is Thinking Of Changes To Ensure Cyber Security

Google Chrome is thinking of using domain name only as URL, instead of showing the full URL. They are doing so in an effort to ensure tighter cybersecurity. They are considering using domain names only to protect the users from scams and phishing attacks that are made using misleading URLs. The users of Chrome 86, … Read more

Apple In Rift With Google, Microsoft And Facebook Over Cloud Gaming

It has always been a competitive situation among giant tech companies that dominate the world. The names are few, Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Facebook. These four companies are leading the tech world. But news of conflicts and clashes between them comes out very often. Now it is gaming that the companies are taking on each … Read more

Google, Nokia, Qualcomm To Invest In Finnish Mobile Maker ‘HMD Global’

HMD Global, the mobile device maker has recently declared to launch a 230M dollar Series A2. After they tipped over into a unicorn valuation with 100M dollars in 2018, this is their first external funding. From 2016 HMD Global has been engaged in licensing Nokia’s brand for mobile devices exclusively. HMD claims itself to be … Read more

Google Maps Revealed Its New Feature For People To Follow Top Local Guides To Discover And Find Information About New Places

Google Maps is set to introduce a new feature to make navigation easier. It will pilot a feature in which the top “local guides” will help people discover new places. Users in nine (9) cities around the world (Delhi included) will be able to follow the guide and receive recommendations. Google says that Bangkok, Delhi, … Read more

Google Stadia Releases Without These Promised Features And We Are Not Happy.

Google is just a few days away from launching its first-ever video game platform, which is Google Stadia. But, in a Reddit AMA session, the developers revealed that some features would be missing in Stadia. On the launch day, players won’t be having access to an achievement system, nor will they support family sharing. Parents … Read more