Shake Shack Creates Rainbow shakes for supporting LGBTQ this June 2021

Shake Shack Creates Rainbow shakes for supporting LGBTQ this June 2021

Shake Shack has released a new milkshake to mark its support and respect for the LGBTQ community. It has been made available from June 1 and one can enjoy this shake for the whole period of Pride Month. As we have entered this blissful Pride month to celebrate our LGBTQ companions, Shake Shack, a New … Read more

LGBT Pride Month 2021: History, Events, Know Everything About LGBT

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First of all a very Happy LGBT Pride Month to all the ones out there. Today’s modern-day world and generation own a very open mindset. Today we are ready to accept everyone in just the way they are. LGBT Pride Month 2021 is a prime example of it. Every year, June is celebrated as LGBT … Read more

Will Spider-Man 3 Be The First Marvel Movie To Introduce A Gay Character?

Marvel has chalked a deal with Sony for a third Spider-Man film and the fans are juiced up to see the Superhero take down a completely new adventure. The film is likely to hit the theatres around 16th July 2021. We cannot hold our wait any longer for the fantastic new film. The rumours have … Read more

[Spoilers Alert] Mark Ruffalo Insists Marvel Comics To Announce A Transgender Character To Comics, See Full Coverage Here

There has been news from Kevin Feige himself, that transgender characters will be introduced to the MCU and are a part of a film shooting recently already. Current Talks Mark Ruffalo along with Feige both emphasized their support for improving the diversity in the MCU industry, which is actually a noble cause. Mark’s Support It’s … Read more