Marvel’s Superhumans Who Are Neither Superheros Or Villains

Marvel is a diverse world of its own and while most of us would categorize people as heroes and villains, some superhumans like to stay low-key and not fall into any of these categories. The Superhumans The world talks tons about Captain America and Doctor Doom but there are superhumans out there who would use … Read more

Will Spider-Man 3 Be The First Marvel Movie To Introduce A Gay Character?

Marvel has chalked a deal with Sony for a third Spider-Man film and the fans are juiced up to see the Superhero take down a completely new adventure. The film is likely to hit the theatres around 16th July 2021. We cannot hold our wait any longer for the fantastic new film. The rumours have … Read more

Must Watch Marvel Films On Netflix In 2020!

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Avengers: A Chance For Captain America to Return After Endgame?

Since the release of Avengers: Endgame, none of us fans of the MCU has been the same. Lives have been lacklustre, and movies even more so. Our lives once intertwined with the original Avengers, and now, after a decade of mesmerising us with their stellar performance and making us truly believe in the power of … Read more

MCU Phase 4: 10 Romances We Are Rooting For In The Post Infinity Saga 

 The Infinity Saga gave us adorable romances being established and built on with subsequent films. With all-new photos from the eternal movie depicting a budding romance between Kit Harrington and Gemma Chan’s characters, MCU phase 4 might have a lot to offer!  Although romantic possibilities are endless, here’s a list of ten romances we are … Read more

Best Marvel Movies Ranked According To Fan Favourites

Back in 2008, Marvel Studios debuted its first superhero movie and brought a revolutionary change in modern cinema. Eleven years and Marvel Cinematic Universe is still producing the highest-grossing films and breaking the Box Office. Back in the early 2000s, comics were a huge thing, but superhero movies were off the grid. But Marvel took … Read more

How To Watch Marvel (MCU) Movies In Order (Release and Chronological)

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Tom Holland In Venom 2, Is There Any Crossover With Spiderman, First Look, Release Date And Everything You Should Know

Moreover from the start of Marvel Cinematic Universe or we can say from the birth of Spiderman by almighty God Stan Lee. Every movie is incomplete without the Boss Villan entry. Everyone knows right from MCU comics and cartoon series the rival battle of Venom And Spider-Man. Tom Holland entry in Venom-2 Myth or reality? Well … Read more

[Spoilers Alert] Mark Ruffalo Insists Marvel Comics To Announce A Transgender Character To Comics, See Full Coverage Here

There has been news from Kevin Feige himself, that transgender characters will be introduced to the MCU and are a part of a film shooting recently already. Current Talks Mark Ruffalo along with Feige both emphasized their support for improving the diversity in the MCU industry, which is actually a noble cause. Mark’s Support It’s … Read more

Angelina Jolie As Thena In ‘The Eternals’, Official Release Date, Cast, Plot And Other Details You Should Know

Marvel Studios has another great gift for you this year and it’s going to be an early Christmas for all of us. The Eternals is the next big hit you should be anticipating. Plot The Eternals are an immortal alien race created by the Celestials to protect humanity from the Deviants, described as “hideous” monsters … Read more