Threat Of ‘Bendy Wing’ Protest Hangs Over F1’s Baku Race

Threat Of 'Bendy Wing' Protest Hangs Over F1's Baku Race

The danger of a dissent loomed over the Azerbaijan Grand Prix on Friday as a column over ‘bendy’ back wings ruled the discussion in the Formula One enclosure. What’s Wrong? The 6th round of the period is the last before the overseeing FIA presents new adaptability tests after certain groups were associated within a real … Read more

Finally McLaren is Coming to India, Details you Need to know

McLaren is coming to India

We all have seen supercars. Sometimes in SyFy movies and most of the time in Punjabi Music Videos. It’s like these video songs are incomplete without the cars and girls. Well, we are not here to comment on girls, but we do have news for you guys related to supercars. And that news is “McLaren … Read more