Microsoft Now Stands By Epic Games Against Apple

The differences between Apple and other tech giants are broadening day by day. Microsoft, who already has a conflict with Apple over its cloud gaming, now reaches to court defending Epic Games and against Apple. Epic Games is the maker company of a very popular game Fortnite which has been recently removed from Apple App … Read more

Amid Conflict With Microsoft & Facebook, It’s Apple Vs Epic Games Now

After Facebook, Microsoft, and Google, Apple has now involved itself in war against the game creator company Epic Games. The fight between the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X was going to be the biggest battle for gamers this year and it was being called the console war. But now the war has taken … Read more

Apple In Rift With Google, Microsoft And Facebook Over Cloud Gaming

It has always been a competitive situation among giant tech companies that dominate the world. The names are few, Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Facebook. These four companies are leading the tech world. But news of conflicts and clashes between them comes out very often. Now it is gaming that the companies are taking on each … Read more

Microsoft Silently Removes Driver Updates For Windows 10 VERSION 2004

The Windows Device Manager is a useful troubleshooting interface. But, its driver update feature is not too reliable to users when it comes to fixing related woes. There were complaints against this driver updates that it is disappointing users and keeping that in mind Microsoft has removed this functionality as of Windows 10 VERSION 2004. … Read more