Christopher Nolan’s Film ‘Tenet’ Dominates The Post-pandemic Box Office

‘Tenet’ seems to be the most profitable film this weekend after releasing on last Friday. In just two days, it earned $20.5 million in China. It also released globally this weekend and attracted a lot of viewers. In the US, many theaters have just opened on this weekend after a long closure due to pandemic. … Read more

Top Hollywood Movies Based On Real Exorcism

People love to watch horror movies, getting scared, and talking about all the spooky stuff. But do you know that all the films are not the result of the creativity only; there are some movies which are inspired by the real-life exorcism movies. If you haven’t seen these real-life exorcism movies then here is your … Read more

‘The Batman’ Production Is Paused As Robert Pattinson Turns Positive For Coronavirus

The reel life Batman can defeat enemies in movies. But the Batman in Matt Reeves’ upcoming movie could not stay strong as a superhero amid the pandemic. It is being heard that the actor Robert Pattinson, 34, got affected by the pandemic. The filming of the movie will currently be stopped for this. Earlier this … Read more

Cobra Kai’s Success On Netflix May Show The Way To More Spin-offs

‘Cobra Kai’ has got a new life through Netflix. Earlier it was released on YouTube Red, now known as YouTube Premiere and continued from 2018 to 2019. But no one even knew about ‘Cobra Kai’ then. The spin-off decision is like oxygen for the series. The streaming site has already declared that the third season … Read more

Game of Thrones Heads’ Makes ‘The Three Body Problem’ For Netflix Viewers

The sci-fi trilogy ‘The Three-Body Problem’ is adapted for Netflix series. The makers of ‘Game of Thrones’ series are bringing the trilogy for Netflix viewers. The Chinese books are appreciated around the world and have won awards too. The three books of Liu Cixin tell the story of alien invasions including struggles for power with … Read more

You’re Forever In My Heart, Says Boseman’s Co-Star Letitia Wright About Him

It’s been a few days now that the Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman has left us. But neither his co-stars nor his family, friends or fans can get over him. Now, actress Letitia Wright, who was Chadwick’s co-star in Black Panther, has posted something very heart touching on Instagram. She has shared her pain for … Read more

‘New Girls’ Mates Never Hang Out Together, Jake Johnson Shares The Reason

The co-stars of ‘New Girls’ share a close friendship. But surprisingly they never go anywhere to hang out. Except for the time of filming on the sets, the sitcom’s cast never spends leisure time. Jake Johnson aka Nick Miller revealed the reason behind it. On the podcast of ‘Life Is Short with Justin Long’, Jake … Read more

Netflix Offers Free Movies And Shows For Non-subscribers

Netflix comes with a new business strategy. Several original series, shows, and movies can be watched for free on the streaming site. As it is a marketing plan of the streaming giant, it only allows the viewers to watch the first episode of the series for free. For watching Netflix originals, the site will ask … Read more

Good News For New Jersey: Movie Theaters To Be Reopened From Friday

After a long waiting period, Governor Phil Murphy has decided to reopen the movie theaters in New Jersey on Friday. When Gov. announced the decision on Monday, he emphasized that the cinema halls must be opened for a limited capacity. Earlier, movie chains met the governor with their safety protocols list for reopening. But the … Read more

Netflix’s Movie Of The Week Is ‘High Flying Bird’

NBA’s walkout is becoming a bliss for High Flying Bird. As the movie was very much related to the protest, it became the movie of the week on Netflix. The movie was released on Netflix last year in February. But after NBA’s walkout, it became the movie of the week on the streaming site. This … Read more