Every Super Bowl 2020 Film And Trailer To Get Excited About!

The Super Bowl is one of the massive events almost every year. It’s not confined to the world of professional sports, multiple films and series make an appearance too. Now obviously the football game is the centre of the event. However, there’s the halftime show too!  Several new trailers of television series and movies are … Read more

Here’s Everything That The Disney Fanatics Should Know About The New Mulan Movie

Mulan, the iconic animated series by Disney was pretty well acclaimed when it got released in 1998, and now, we have good news about it. The most awaited live-action remake of the movie is on the way, and the fans cannot wait. The trailer was released on January 28, and once you watch it, you … Read more

Highly anticipated Mulan character posters are here! Here’s what fans can expect and updates

Disney manages to do it again. Ever since the release of the streaming giant, Disney Plus, Disney has only managed to roll out iconic movies and TV shows. The release of shows like The Mandalorian and release of teasers of the Marvel Entertainment TV shows show that Disney isn’t planning on stopping soon. And soon … Read more

New Mulan Character Posters Are Out! Here’s What Fans Can Expect And Updates

Upcoming American epic action drama film directed by Niki Caro, Mulan is all set to release on the 27th of March 2020. Last week Walt Disney Studious released a bunch of character posters, which are most certainly enough to make a fan out of you!  Cast Details The poster featured six of the main cast … Read more