The Most Striking Details In Netflix’s Aaron Hernandez Documentary

As Killer Inside: The mind of Aaron Hernandez is in vogue on Netflix. The documentary raises a lot of intriguing questions and can baffle the viewers with its sharp truths. It takes us on the pensive journey of some heinous crimes committed by the legendary star but also is a little treat for the football … Read more

Evil Woman From Bloomington Killed Her Boyfriend’s 8 Year Old Daughter By Stomping And Kicking Her On Private Parts.

A 42-year-old woman was charged with the killing of her boyfriend’s 8-year-old daughter by kicking her consecutively on the stomach. The murder trial on the suspected woman has started on Tuesday. The woman named Cynthia Baker was accused of killing 8 years old Rica Rountree by severe beating. The beating was so severe that it … Read more