Mia Khalifa Is Engaged To Swedish Boyfriend Robert Sandberg? How he proposed

Mia Khalifa Is Engaged To Swedish Boyfriend Robert Sandberg? How he proposed

Most searched well-known Pornstar Mia Khalifa is officially out of the league. Fans will be surprised and curious to know that who is that lucky man? Mia khalifa is engaged to his Swedish boyfriend Robert Sandberg. The ex-pornstar along with her boyfriend explode this bomb through their Instagram handle. Know more about Mia Khalifa’s engagement? … Read more

Murder Hornets In US: American And Canada Gear Up To Stop Asian Giants Hornets

Murder Hornets In US: American And Canada Gear Up To Stop Asian Giants Hornets

The  Giant Asian Hornets/ Murder Hornets – formally known as Vespa Mandarina, founded dangerous to lives. It is the local species that are from East Asia. In 2019, the species of dead hornets were first provoked worry in the US and Canada. What Are Murder Hornets  In Blaine, Initially the following year, the species of … Read more

Apple Co-founder Steve Wozniak Sued Over Theft Of Business Idea

Everyone is aware of the Apple company, which is the leading producer of the world’s most efficient smartphones. Unfortunately, the co-creator of the Apple company Steve Wozniak has been sued over the theft of a business idea. Steve Wozniak Alleged Over Theft Over Business Idea As per the latest information, the co-creator of the iPhone … Read more

Indian scientist in Australia brings us closer to a Coronavirus Vaccine

A doctor originating from Tamil Nadu claims to have created the cure to the killer disease, Coronavirus. He claims that this medicine is herbal in origin and India is called ‘Ayurveda’. Coronavirus first originated in Wuhan, China and till now has no effective treatment to eradicate or cure it. An Ayurvedic Cure Dr Thanikasalam Veni … Read more

A Twitter Fued Between Exes? Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill argument gets heated

Forever controversy’s favourite child, Nicki Minaj, has done it yet again. She has always been known to be outspoken about her stand. And then the enemies she has made have never been forgiven. And she has spoken out still. Now against former boyfriend Meek Mills, Minaj broke her silence on both Twitter and Instagram, in … Read more

Vanessa Lachey Speaking Out After Jessica Simpson’s Revelations! All The Details And More!

Jessica Simpson is here to reveal it all, and she has done it again! Well, this time it’s not about her exactly. As devoted fans of the tabloid may have noticed, since the release of her memoir, titled “Open Book”, Jessica Simpson has been out and about in the interviews, talking about everything, her addiction, … Read more

Did Henry Cavill Just Confirm A Connection Between Geralt’s Sword And Renfri?

Henry Cavill talks about The Witcher Season 2 Production Updates, Release date and More

The Witcher is a red-hot series trending on Netflix at the moment. The storyline revolves around a witcher, Geralt of Rivia, who uses his mystic abilities to hunt monsters. His life becomes topsy-turvy when fate involves him with a delicate princess and a dauntless sorceress. The viewers compared the show to GOT, but The Witcher … Read more

Redefining by GQ in an era persisting of a new masculinity

The GQ magazine has its headquarters in Lower Manhattan. An image of the Grammy winner- Pharrell William was witnessed there where he was dressed in Moncler coat, which was lemon yellow in color flowing past his feet and looked like a lily flower which was placed upside down, about to bloom. He had his hands … Read more