Sony Introduces Webcam App For Windows 10 Desktops

The world was already going digital in all the ways when this Pandemic came and made most of our daily activities virtual. At present, the need for technologies like video conferencing apps and webcams has increased. Keeping this in mind, Sony has finally launched its webcam app. Some desktops already have the facility of high-quality … Read more

Sony’s Digital Ad On PlayStation 5, The 74 Second Video Will Give You ‘Feel’

Sony has come up with a digital advertisement for the PlayStation 5 video game setup. The Spot video of 74 seconds with “Play Has No Limits’ theme, which is the global theme for PS5, indicates the launch of the gaming console is on the cards. The spot video, Sony’s new marketing blitz is mostly computer-generated, … Read more

Uncharted: Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Everything You Need To Know! Where Can I Watch Uncharted?

For Playstation users, Uncharted doesn’t need any introduction. Developed by Sony, Uncharted was released on Playstation way back in 2007. Since then, it has been one of the most popular video game franchises. And now Sony is all set to bring Nathan Drake on the big screen. The new Uncharted film will be an origin story of Nathan Drake from the famous … Read more

Venom 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Trailer! Is Spider-Man Going To Be In Venom 2? What Happened At The End Of Venom?

Venom released in theatres in October 2018. The American superhero film is based on the Marvel character by the same name. Venom was originally introduced in Spider-Man 3 (2007) as one of the three villains. However, Sony has now brought a separate installment for the comic character. But this time, Sony has given the superhero a completely different backstory. Venom … Read more

God Of War 5: Release Date, Plot, Trailer, Leaks, And Every Other Update

It was created by David Jaffe, God Of War made its debut way back in 2005. The third-person action-adventure video game is one of the greatest video franchises ever made. Developed by the Santa Monica Studio, the franchise is published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. God of War first began on the Playstation 2 console. Since its release, the game has … Read more

Will Spider-Man 3 Be The First Marvel Movie To Introduce A Gay Character?

Marvel has chalked a deal with Sony for a third Spider-Man film and the fans are juiced up to see the Superhero take down a completely new adventure. The film is likely to hit the theatres around 16th July 2021. We cannot hold our wait any longer for the fantastic new film. The rumours have … Read more

Tom Holland In Venom 2, Is There Any Crossover With Spiderman, First Look, Release Date And Everything You Should Know

Moreover from the start of Marvel Cinematic Universe or we can say from the birth of Spiderman by almighty God Stan Lee. Every movie is incomplete without the Boss Villan entry. Everyone knows right from MCU comics and cartoon series the rival battle of Venom And Spider-Man. Tom Holland entry in Venom-2 Myth or reality? Well … Read more

Black Friday Deals For Gamers PS4 And PS4 Pro, Why Not To Wait For PS 5?

The deals for Black Friday PS4 deals are still taken to be a better and reasonable price as compared to PS5 which is been due to next year for its release, it’s been revealed that Sony will be taking down some the deals from this November. There is an expectation of the introduction of hot … Read more